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Re: Introduction  Heather Huskins
 Jun 30, 2000 09:34 PDT 
Not only am I involved in libraries but I also do theatre....I've seen
variations on the puppet theatre. The best to me is the PVC version.
It's lightweight (which is nice if you only have one person doing set
up...) and pretty versatile. It's also easy to make. The wooden
theatres---while more traditional are also waaaaay more cumbersome.

Heather Huskins

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Subject: [TAGAD-L] Introduction
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 09:23:42 -0700

Hi everyone!

My name is Cara, I work at the Limestone Township Library in good ole
Kankakee, IL. Currently we do not have a teen group and we have a very
good reason. Our building is 400 SQ. Feet. But, a 6,000 sq. feet
building is in the process. Sometime next year we will be beginning many
new programs for children and teens. 2001 will be a great year for our

I would like some advice on a current project we are working on.
We would like to start a puppet troupe. I would like opinions on puppet
theatres, did you build your own or were you able to purchase one
already together. Which is better a PVC or wood theatre.
Any other advice about puppet troupes would be great!!
Looking forward to you responses.

Have a day filled with sunshine!
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