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Re: Introductions III  Heather Huskins
 Jun 30, 2000 09:41 PDT 

Patrick Jones had some great points to make about how teens
are treated in libraries. (God, I sound like a groupie...)
But it's true...He also had some good advice as well.
(One juicy tidbit---spend a good part of your budget on
magazines--even if you have to shift money, his suggestion was
getting rid of the Thomas Registers---his point being that hardly
anybody uses those archaic things and the kids are ravenous
for those magazines. You serve two purposes---upping your circ
and giving the kids what they want...which will make them more likely
to come to the library.) At any rate, you're right. Teens are
treated like second-class citizens in libraries.

Heather Huskins

 From: MC <mrc-@yahoo.com>
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Subject: Re: [TAGAD-L] Introductions III
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 06:45:42 -0700

Hi all!

My name is Mary Christian and our teen program is 3
weeks old! After a very wise person told me that her
teen program kicked off nicely following a Volunteen
summer group, that's how I started ours. We've had a
grand total of five kids involved thus far, but
considering the way teens have been treated in our
library, I consider that a HUGE success! I started
here in November and one of the first things I noticed
in the YA area was a sign for everyone to read staying
"If your behave disturbs others, you will be asked to
leave." The sign is still there, but there are "read"
posters framing it now!

Can't wait to hear the great ideas out there. Circ is
up by 20% already here since I started ordering
something other than sci fi (?!), so hopefully
everyone can give me inspiring ideas!

Mary Christian
Children's/YA Librarian
Delaware County District Library
Delaware Oh 43015

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