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RE: [Publib] Harry Potter party round-up  Margaret Daley
 Sep 07, 2010 09:54 PDT 
Hello Everyone,

This was one of our sucessful programs.

* I tried to make it like a Hogwarts' orientation session. I was
assistant divination teacher Madame Fulllafulldom
* I had a sorting hat with all the houses' crest.
* Each person came up and pulled a crest and received a wand -
chop stick from the dollar store
* Then we watched the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of
Azkaban. - we had Hagrid's specials - cookies , popcorn and Dumbledore's
famous punch
* After the movie we had a tea leaf reading session. The tables
were set up in the houses. I have a very simple handout if you would
like one.
* Then each table had a set of Bertie Bot Beans to try amongst the
members of the houses.
* We ran out of time, but I had a Harry Potter Trivia Game set
-up. - The winning team would have won house cups - mini trophies from
the dollar store
* I was to be the MC for the trivia game.
* Each of the 4 houses received an envelope with answers (some
wrong) to the trivia questions. One person is score keeper for each
house and one was a runner.
* I had 4 chairs set up at the front of the room with points. One
chair was 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000
* As soon as the houses found the right or wrong answer the runner
for each house chooses a chair. The score keeper for each house keeps
track of the points. If the house gets the question wrong, the
scorekeeper deducts the number of points. - I got most of the questions
off of the Internet. Please email me if you would like the questions
and answers. dal-@lincoln.library.on.ca

* We had two Harry potter books donated then we had a draw.

I ended with thanking the participants for coming to the orientation
session and that I hoped they would choose Hogwarts in the fall.

If you would like anymore info please email me.

Have a great time with Harry Potter. I did!



Lincoln Public Library

4996 Beam Street

Beamsville, Ontario

L0R 1B5



From: publib--@webjunction.org
[mailto:publib--@webjunction.org] On Behalf Of Stanczak, Cindy
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2010 11:38 AM
To: ya-y-@ala.org; Tagad-L; Pub-@webjunction.org
Subject: [Publib] Harry Potter party round-up

I know we've all seen this post before, but if you've done a Harry
Potter-themed party at your library, please sound off. What events did
you do, what types of food, crafts, decorations did you use? Thoughts
for newbies to this type of party/lessons learned greatly appreciated.
I'd be happy to send a compilation on to the group. Much thanks!

Cynthia Stanczak
Adult & Teen Services Librarian
Albion District Library
501 S. Superior St.
Albion, MI 49224
(517) 629-3993
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