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RE: teen advisory group goals  Rachel Rundle
 Feb 15, 2011 16:21 PST 
Thank you Meredith, this is such a great idea!

I have found that my group has been floundering a bit as well.

Do you have a reward system tied in with the goals? For instance, do you
throw a pizza party at the end of the year or something similar?

The reason I ask is because I have been working on setting goals for my
group as well and was playing with the idea of setting up a tier system
as incentive. Say for instance, the first goal may be to post book
reviews each month. Each member who posts a short review of a book on
our YA bulletin board or on our Facebook page for discussion would then
get a King Size candybar(or something of similar value, I haven't
decided). We would then develop say 3 more goals, each more intense or
time consuming than the last. The more complicated the task, the larger
the reward.

Rachel Rundle
Library Associate
Brunswick Library


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From: Merideth Jenson-Benjamin
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 11:48 AM
To: taga-@topica.com
Subject: Re: {TAGAD-L} teen advisory group goals

I tried an experiment with my TLC this year.

Before the first meeting, I asked each to bring a project or
goal that they wanted to accomplish during this session (our TLC meets

I gave them some advice about goal setting, to wit:

Your goals need to be SMAART. Here is what I mean by

S - Specific. Your goal needs to be something specific.
"More video game tournaments" is not specific. "To Host 4 Video Game
Tournaments a year" is. Be definite about what you want to achieve.

M - Meaningful. Make your goal something you actually
care about. If you don't give two figs about the shelving in the teen
room, don't make your goal to get new shelves. Your goal needs to be
something that you are going to want to invest time and effort into.

A- Actionable. Don't say you're not going to do
something. The lack of action is not action. So don't say. "The Teen
Department will not buy anymore Justin Beiber CD's" That's not something
you DO. Your goals need to be something that we can work towards, not
something we should stop doing.

A - Achievable. Please, for the love of Aquaman, be
realistic. You may say, "The Library will host a series of concerts
featuring Green Day, Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire." But you and I
and the rest of the rational universe know that is not going to happen.
So think about what we can actually achieve in the next 8 months.

R - Relevant. The goal needs to be focused on Teens in
the library. You are the Teen Library Council, this is what you do. So
while you may feel strongly that the DVD collection needs major work,
that is not a teen focused goal, and not something we can work on.

T - Timely. This one's easy! You have until July 31,
2011. That's it. So think about that when you're thinking about your
goal being attainable.

At the first meeting, each teen had to share their goal with the
group. Several kids had similar goals, so they buddied up. To my
surprise, most of the goals were program focused -- events they wanted
the library to offer.

To help them with their planning, I gave them copies of my
programming form. I've attached it, if you're interested.

So far, this has worked remarkably well. The teens are more
motivated because the goals came from them, and at each meeting, I set
aside time for them to work together, and ask questions about their

Hope this helps!

Merideth Jenson-Benjamin
Teen Services Librarian II, Glendale Public Library

On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 9:21 AM, MacFarquhar, Carole
(NBPLS/SBPNB) <Carole.Ma-@gnb.ca> wrote:

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