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Re: Hand to hand  Christopher Webber
 Jun 18, 2003 16:18 PDT 

Hi, Nick, yes there is some:

1. depictions on Greek vases of Thracians only armed with long spears (a
hand-to-hand weapon)
2. archaeological evidence suggesting different types of spears were buried
with the same warrior - perhaps some were for hand-to-hand combat
3. Some warriors were buried with swords or knives, both hand-to-hand
weapons (though these probably don't count as they are often nobles)

4. The best troops in Sitalkes' army, the Dii, were called "swordsmen"
(machairophoroi) but they also "charged out and back in the manner of their
countrymen" when fighting Theban cavalry. It seems unlikely that they (a
poor mountain tribe) all carried swords, as so few swords have been found in
grave sites, and swords were expensive. Maybe they carried curved knives,
or some sort of early rhomphaia (a curved blade on a stick).

So I rather like Zosia's suggestion that they used whatever weapon was
appropriate at the time. As their weapons systems were usually out of date,
some may even have been armed with javelins and long spears, like 8-7th
century hoplites. Either that, or there was a proportion of hand-to-hand
troops who formed a rallying point for the skirmishers.


On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 10:13:05 +0000, Nick Farrell <edfu-@hotmail.com> wrote :

 Is there any evidence of pre romphia Thracians in hand to hand.... or did
they all just lob a few javilins and run away? I just need the info for a
wargames list which is debating what DBM class the Thracians should be.

 From: Christopher Webber <thra-@pnc.com.au>
Reply-To: thra-@topica.com
To: thra-@topica.com
Subject: BAR 1139 now available
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 21:12:14 +1000

British Archaeology Reports No. 1139 contains many articles about ancient
Thrace, and is now available.
At www.iianthropology.org/symbolBAR1139contents.html is published the Table
of Contents of Early Symbolic Systems for Communication in Southeast

BAR International series 1139 (in print)

It is available from www.barhedges.com

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