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List Name Conservation Law Foundation's Transportation Initiative (CLF-Streettalk)
Purpose: [Last updated on: Thu May 15 23:24:46 1997]
     Welcome to the Conservation Law Foundation's Transportation Initiative "Our
     Streets and Roads" ("CLF-streettalk") email discussion list!
     This list serves transportation planning professionals and
     interested citizens who wish to discuss issues related to
     traffic calming and street design, scenic road preservation,
     bicycle facility planning and design, and the walking
     Please observe the following guidelines when posting or
     responding to messages:
     o Identify the subject of your message clearly and concisely on
     the subject line. It's also helpful to indicate whether you're
     asking a question, looking for examples, or sharing information.
     o Communicate the point of your message in a single
     introductory sentence.
     o Keep your message concise. Limit yourself to information
     that will be of interest to other subscribers.
     o Please confine your message to matters that concern your
     community or other communities, as opposed to things of purely
     personal interest.
     o Please avoid simply casting your "vote" on an issue and
     repeating what others have said. Debate is encouraged, but it
     is the information users contribute (rather than the mere fact
     that they feel a certain way) that helps others.
     o Use plain English rather than acronyms, abbreviations, and
     jargon that may not be widely understood.
     o Of course, no flaming please. You may disagree with someone,
     but do it politely.
     Please also visit the Conservation Law Foundation's Transportation Initiative website at http://www.clf.org/transportation
Website URL: http://www.clf.org/transportation
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Created: Sep 15, 1999
Owner: clf.org/transportation
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