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List Name The Decorative Touch Trading Post (Trading Post)
Purpose: The Decorative Touch Trading Post for decorative artists to sell or trade their old patterns, books, supplies, etc. This club is not for selling finished items.

We pride ourselves in being a membership that has traditionally made re-sale
and trade transactions with Integrity and credibility. As we have grown, we
have taken additional steps to maintain that reputation.
How does the Club Work?

Each new member must submit at least one item to join the club. This may be
a book, packet or magazine. We also have several members submit already
purchased, yet unused painting surfaces and supplies. Many Ex-Shop Owners
have unsold inventory listed. Several Designers also have packets and books
listed with us.
TIP: If you know your item is available somewhere else on the "Net" for a
    cheaper price...it's just not going to sell here for the Retail Price.

When you submit your list...please make sure that you have listed:
The Designer
type of book
# of pages
# of photo pages
asking price or if for trade
Skill Level.
Once your initial list is submitted to the Web master, she will introduce
you to the group with your list. Following that, you make your own additions
or deletions to your list via the EMail List. There is an Archive
that is accessible to members so that they may view other members lists.

At this time, you also gain access to "The Trading Post" Members Only Area via password as well. To see what that includes, return to
our home page and follow the links for The Trading Post at:

Although we specialize in painting books we accept craft books as well.
Instructional books are fine. We also accept Videos, painting supplies and
wood surfaces. You must have at least one item to trade or resell! There are
no refunds.
Membership is annual. You may unsubscribe as many times as you wish. You may
go on Vacation as many times as you wish. But your membership runs one year
after the day we accept your Fee.

The club list is available in regular email format or digest format.

Members will receive notification one month before their membership runs out.

Membership includes:
             ~ mailing list format delivery of members available items.
             ~ Access to archived posts.
             ~ Access to The Decorative Touch Forum Members Only Area
This includes tips, resources, free patterns and much more
            ~ Access to another area that only Trading PostMembers may
access. This includes A clip art gallery, bulletin boards and more!

The Following are rules and guidelines for making transactions. If you can
                not adhere to these rules please do not ask to join!

~Be sure BOTH parties are in agreement to the method and service of shipping.
(i.e.: us postal vs. UPS)

~ No HOLDING Books! If you can not afford the book when it is posted
Please do not request, beg, grovel etc. with the other party to hold the
book for you. It's not fair to the owner or to the other members. Don't
worry... It will be posted again at a later date by a new member or someone
else who is ready to part with theirs.

~ALWAYS let us know what your looking for! Many members do not have the
time to post ALL their books...but they may still be willing to part with

~What happens when you have sold all your items? As long as you continue to
pay your annual membership dues...your in!

~Members who do not follow through on transactions, bounce checks, and do
not trade in good faith will be removed without refund.
Website URL: http://www.deerhurst.com/decorativetouch
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Created: Aug 15, 2000
Owner: wayne arnold
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