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List Name PRc Trenchless Technology Email Forum (Trenchless)
Purpose: A non-commercial, non-profit, and passively moderated list for the interactive discussion of all areas related to trenchless technology. The Trenchless Technology Email Forum is a free service of the Pipe Rehabilitation Council [PRc].

List members include Municipal, DOT, and Consulting Engineers, University Professors, Contractors, Manufacturers, etc. The list provides a forum where the trenchless technology consumer can acquire information from academicians and engineers as well as sales reps and vendors of all competing materials and technologies at the same time, thus enabling the consumer to make a more informed decision. The goal of this list is to increase customer satisfaction through enhanced access to information, and thereby help the trenchless technology industry to grow. Additionally, the Trenchless Technology list provides a forum within which trenchless technology professionals can network with each other and keep informed regarding current events and developments.

A popular saying is "a company is only worth the sum of the knowledge of its employees." Additionally, inasmuch as a company enhances communication amongst its employees so that everyone in the company effectively shares each other's knowledge, that company's worth increases multiplicatively rather than additively. Likewise, this list is only worth the sum of the knowledge of its members. And inasmuch as the members of this list (and on a larger scale all within the trenchless technology industry) share their knowledge with one another, the value of this list (and the industry) will continue to increase multiplicatively!

For higher volumes of regional & corporate news, also check out the Trenchless News List available at:
Website URL: http://www.topica.com/lists/trenchless
List Type: Unmoderated discussion
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Created: Mar 01, 1999
Owner: Grant Whittle
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