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 Dec 31, 2001 17:35 PST 
David Thomson wrote:
Hi Bob,

I'm a Tesla researcher.

 Did Nikola Tesla cause the explosion in Tunguska, Siberia in 1908?

 This question will never be fully answered, but so far the Tesla theory can
account for the amount of energy that was released over Tunguska and produce
the effects that were seen. The meteor theory and alien space craft theory
are both discounted since there is no crater and no trace of radiation. The
bolide theory is a total farce as even today we witness dozens of huge
bolides coming into the atmosphere without producing damage of any kind.

Are we counting comets as bolides?
(my ignorance...)
And because THIS 'thing' does not act in such a way does not
mena the next (larger, different composition, faster, different
angle of entry) may not have a differnt affect.

 Therefore Tesla did not have the equipment to create such an explosion five
years later.

 Just because Wardencliffe was not operational does not mean Tesla did not
have the means for generating large oscillations over the earth. It is not
known much even today that Tesla actually had two large coils similar to the
Colorado Springs coil in Canada just north of New York. These large coils
set up in remote areas were witnessed by Tesla's last lab assistant, Mr.
Matthews. Also, Tesla claimed to have perfected and built a device capable
of vaporizing missiles and airplanes as a means of defense using a particle
beam weapon. This he did in the 1930s with a rather small device and was
supposed to have shared it with Roosevelt in January 1943. But he died a
few days before meeting with the President.

...and the Fed seized his papers. IF he had such a device,
Its curious that it has not resurfaced...

 Further, according to Dr. James Corum, in a recent phone interview, (June
5, 1997), the tower had the capability of producing only about 300 kilowatts
(six times what many radio stations produce)

And hugely less than is routinely used in TV transmitters.
(albeit at different freqs). Hugish (more) power is
used on similar freqs on a daily basis now.

 and delivering 10 kilowatts of power to the opposite side of the earth.
 This would be approximately enough energy to light a lightbulb.

A BIIIIIIIG lightbulb. (hint 60 or 100W is common....)

 A tremendous feat in its own right, however, nowhere near the amount
of power required to create the Tunguska explosion.

Concur, tho others differ.

 Corum stated that the problem in transmitting the kind of tremendous power
required is that the air around the transmitter breaks down thereby
rendering the machine inoperable.

 It is unfortunate that most people, including very learned scientists, don't
fully understand the principles of resonance, electrostatics, standing
waves, longitudinal waves, or the resonant frequency of the earth.

Or that they do, and know what will work, and what won't.
Others will differ.

 The earth is always resonating at around 8Hz. What Tesla did was calculate
how to add just enough directional energy into this large resonating cavity
to bring order and predictability to the resonating energy already present.
Then, with a further calculated introduction of energy, he was able to cause
a huge standing wave over a location (Tunguska was probably not his intended
target) thus creating a huge electrostatic potential between ionosphere and
ground. At any given time there are about 8000 lightning strikes around the
planet as the ionosphere dumps the trillions of watts of energy it receives
from the sun daily. Tesla was able to focus the energy that would have
otherwise gone to thousands of lightning discharges into one focal point.


 The energy needed to reorganize and focus the earth's resonance is minimal
in comparison. To help understand how this is possible, think of the
vertical and horizontal adjustments on your TV cathode ray tube. The
electrons firing from the back of the CRT can be focused or scattered by
creating electrostatic charges near the path of the electron beam.

Actually, its doen with magnetic fields...

 Another way of understanding this is to think of the power of an optical
lens and its ability to focus sunlight and ignite a sheet of paper.
You would no more claim the feat impossible because glass doesn't have
enough energy than you would claim Tesla couldn't cause the Tunguska
blast because he didn't generate enough power. Tesla didn't need to
generate all the energy. He was super efficient and harnessed the
natural energy of the sun and earth with a relatively small amount
of man made energy.

We will differ on that.

 Tesla also states in this article and in an article the following year in
Wireless Telegraphy & Telephone, 1908, pp. 67-71, that he will be able to
direct electrical energy "with great precision" to any point of the globe.

 When you understand how natural energy can be manipulated with a relatively
small amount of human energy, you can fully understand what Tesla meant in
the above quote.

 In Colorado Springs Notes, Tesla devoted several pages to his observation of
a very strong electrical storm that happened to pass his way. He was
fascinated by this display of energy and took several measurements as the
storm approached and then passed his lab. Tesla accurately calculated the
resonant frequency of the earth long before Schumann did. By doing this, he
likely also calculated the dielectric strength of the atmosphere, the
capacitance between earth and ionosphere, and the inductances of both. He
spent some time figuring the wave patterns over a sphere

Which had been done 20 or so years earlier by others. (notably

 and was also aware of the cosmic and solar energy received by the earth.
All the key elements for harnessing the vast energy of the earth were
known to Tesla; and the Tunguska blast occurred during the prime of his
work. It's not hard evidence, but there is significant circumstantial
evidence to support the theory that Tesla did indeed cause the Tunguska

There is a deal of hard (more or less) evidence for natural
other impacts
occurred during normal meteor shower
energy levels match those projected for
plausible incoming objects
Object seen headed that way from 'back West' (eg

 Don't be misled by scientists not skilled in Tesla's art. There is much
Tesla knew that we still don't know today.

We will differ on that. Or at least on what is not known.

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