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Italian authors response  Andrei Ol'khovatov
 Jan 04, 2002 19:03 PST 
Dear All,

I have got e-mail from the Italian authors, whose article and associated
BBC-story I have commented on January 3 in our forum. Here is their
response, and there is my reply below it.
I think I should not add anything to this....

Best wishes to All,
Andrei Ol'khovatov

Dear Andrei,

Thank you for your interest in our work and for your invitation to write
in your Website.
We follow the following two rules:
1) We do not answer to comments in different Websites, but only to those
published in scientific publications after referee examination.
2) We do not correct what different journalists (BBC included) write
about our work, even if they phoned to us for misunderstood

Best wishes
Yours Giuseppe and Luigi
                BELOW IS MY REPLY TO THEM
Dear Giuseppe and Luigi,

Thank you for your reply and info.
That's a pity that you will not take part in the discussion of your article,
especially as you seem to have enough experience with mass-media, and even
wrote popular articles on Tunguska in newspapers. It would be important to
clear up some statements in your article, and especially in the BBC story.
I only
hope that sometime in the future you will change your mind, and take part in
the forum.

Best wishes,
P.S. I hope you are not against that I will post your explanation of
rejection to take part in the forum.
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