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further insights into freedom of the mind  Harder, David A
 Jan 16, 2002 09:52 PST 
Further insights into freedom of the mind.

No, you cannot blame the National Labs for restricting freedom of though; I
was making a generalization which goes much deeper than that. In actuality,
in various ways, the National Labs are sanctuaries for free thinkers. I
have been associated directly and indirectly with BNL for many years. I
came to the lab as a boy with friends whose parents worked at the lab. I
have been associated with the families of renowned scientists. I marveled
as a boy at the research which was done. I always wanted to work at the
Lab, and as destiny would have it, I got my wish.
I got bitten by the Lab during the Cold Fusion carnival because I
discounted the value of hard data and careful research. Dick, what you said
about that is still ringing in my ears. Yes, I was lured by the gold ring
like the others, I got what I deserved for my greed. The Lab was just
trying to protect itself from the careless knife of the media.
Yes, let us talk of the media, and the misguided things which it has
accomplished in the course of business. Sometimes I feel that the media is
a bordello of whores, with no loyalties or moral code whatsoever. In the
past, sometimes I felt like picking up the TV and throwing it out the
window. I have used the newspaper to wipe my ass. I dread to think what
damage the media has done to my intellect; what damage it could do to the
minds of my kids. I rarely watch TV anymore, and as fate would have it, my
TV is not functioning properly. Good, let it stay broken.
My wife forbids the internet to invade our home. She feels very
strongly that it would be a corrupting influence on the kids. I was sore
about it for some time, because it meant, among other things, that I would
not be able to do research from home. I felt that she was restricting my
intellect. But a woman's intuition is not something to be taken lightly.
Now I believe her judgment on that is sound.
Sometimes I think that the media is the antichrist. That if they
don't have a problem or a situation to report on, they will machinate it
into existence; they serve their own selfish purpose and hide behind freedom
of the press. But in the end that is too convenient. It is human nature to
search for someone or something to dump the blame on. Certainly there are
righteous human beings who work in the media, who foster good judgment and
wisdom. In the end the blame goes deeper. Everyone has a monkey on their
shoulder. Perhaps no human being is free of it. Only by acknowledging it
can it be controlled.
As I see it, there are two major impediments to the intellect. I
put greed at the top of the list. It is at the very heart of survival. A
small measure of greed is necessary to survive, but where does one draw the
line? When is enough, enough? When comfortable survival is insured, or
when it captures the soul? How can an individual point the finger at an
institution which is greedy when they foster greed within themselves?
But greed is not the only issue. As I pointed out earlier, there
are various things about human nature which have bearing on the Tunguska
investigation. As I see it, there are a least two things which are major
impediments to the intellect. Greed is at the top of the list, but ego is a
close second.

Daveh   1/16/02      
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