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RE: eddy-currents  Andrei Ol'khovatov
 Oct 14, 2002 22:42 PDT 
Dear David!

Here are some my replies:
 There is fishing in Yakutia.

I am not aware of any anomalies in fishing in Yakutia.

 Are there fish in lake Cheko?

As I recall, "Yes" (I will ask a person who spent plenty of time in the
area, and if he correct me, I will update).

 Is it a living lake?


 Does a signature of the event yet remain in the permafrost of the

It is hard to say. No "everybody-accepted" data. Scientists say
contraversial things (often it depends on their interpretation of

By the way, as, for example, earthquakes in Baikal rift are related with
solar activity, so, in my opinion, Tunguska had some connection with the
sun indeed. The question is how strong?

Best wishes,

dhar-@bnl.gov wrote:
 Tunguska was a solar system electromagnetic event.

Of the planets, jupiter is the primary participant in the dynamics of
the system field.
There is an obvious correlation between the sunspot cycle and the
orbital period of jupiter.

The geomagnetic field is created by rolling cylinders of molten iron in
the outer core.

The jovian field is created by rolling cylinders in the liquid-metallic
hydrogen. The Red Spot is the far-field distribution of jupiter's
Southern Rolling Cylinder.

The earth crosses jupiter's orbital plane twice a year, on June 30 and
December 31. Ascending and descending node are six months apart.
The earth had just crossed a node.
The earth was close to jupiter's orbital plane; on the Red Spot side.

It was new moon.
The moon had just crossed between the earth and the sun, a little out of

the ecliptic.

The earth was spinning toward the sun.
The sun was rising into view through the Ten West Corridor, which is the

far-field distribution of the Northern Rolling Cylinder.

Mercury and venus, the earth and the moon arced on a jovian spiral
during a flare.

There was a dip at the peak of the previous sunspot cycle which
suggested an overtone.

Study the symmetry of the solar system at that time. Do you see how
mercury and venus straddle jupiter's plane at a small angle? Do you see

how the moon crosses between the sun and the earth.

The moon crosses, the arc forms, the sun flares, and then it happens.

The diffraction caused by the bodies in the arc-alignment left a
signature in the swamp. Mercury and venus caused the wings of the
The moon was moving east in the sky; the same direction as the tree
laydown pattern on Ridge Chuvar.
A portion was reflected at the surface.

The ion trail was angled at about 29 degrees; close to the angle of the
morning sun.

The solar wind peaks in jupiter's orbital plane.
Before the discharge, the solar wind pumped up the ionosphere with
There was an aurora at night and a halo during the day.
There were tidal forces on the Eurasian plate which caused the fault to
There was supersonic natural gas venting, and electrophonics.
Clouds of water vapor and methane in the lower ionosphere scattered
sunlight illuminating the nighttime sky.

Critters and alert people were spooked by the goings-on.

Boris is an accelerator physicist. He is good at electron-beam
diagnostics. There had been some speculation by novice coworkers about
external AC magnetic fields effecting the synchrotron beam. Boris
explained that eddy-currents induced in the wall of the beampipe
attenuate AC magnetic interference. The attenuation is proportional to
skin depth. We conducted an experiment to determine if theory predicted

the cutoff correctly for 3/16" wall aluminum beampipe. It did.

When the system came into resonance there was a high voltage discharge
from the sun to jupiter through the plasma of the solar wind. The
geomagnetic field was in the discharge path, and participated in the

The field nodes in the ionosphere shifted position and did not settle
for the duration of the Irkutsk magnetogram. Earth's field was
entangled with jupiter's field until the uncertainty in energy was
resolved when the charge, in transit at near light speed, was absorbed
and the jovian field was adjusted.

The field entanglement caused the disparity in the time of the Nizhnyaya

observer sightings. Observers in the direction of the force experienced

the event in the tail of the magnetogram.
The relativistic charge caught up to the earth in orbit, passed through
the Ten West Corridor, and entered at Kulikovskii, close to the Meridian

of Zero Compass Variation.

The charge passed through the Northern Rolling Cylinder at near light
There was refraction.
The charge exited at mount Erebus in the Antarctic.
The transit of the charge through the earth induced retrograde
eddy-currents in the molten iron of the outer core, which are apparent
in the Oersted-Magsat data.

The geomagnetic field was forced toward reversal.

The wake-field response was an incoming geophysical meteor from the
lower belt.
It interacted with the outgoing supersonic burst of methane.
The recoil off the mantle brought up natural gas and molten kimberlite.

The kimberlite did not break the surface, but a flame with vortices shot

up out of the earth into the sky.

40 megatons represents the surface interaction, a tiny fraction of the
energy involved; there was enough energy to accelerate a piece of the
Eurasian plate to escape velocity.

"Some Evenki from the Tokma, nomads living to the east of the
area.....told VASILEVICH in 1925 that "a piece came off the sun, fell
on the earth and burnt the taiga."

Observers to the east saw the trail in the sky before it hooked to the
northwest in the field. They saw it coming from the rising sun.

Many critters were laid to the ground by the event. What were they
experiencing? Demoralizing electrophonics?    Disorientation caused by
the field disruption? Loss of balance due to quaking?

There is fishing in Yakutia.

Are there fish in lake Cheko?
Is it a living lake?
Does a signature of the event yet remain in the permafrost of the

with esprit de corps
DAH   10/14/02   
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