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List Name We discuss and inform about UFOs , Aliens and Space Research. (UASR)
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Hello :-)   

Welcome to the UFO, Alien and Space Research (UASR) list !

If you have a point of view or comment on any of the topics posted, or you
wish to start a new thread of conversation, or you have a related article
that you wish to share with us, please send it to:


Please read the UASR conference rules that follow this message.

MODIFICATION 08-01-98 / 08-12-1998
* Make it clear to whom you are replying.

* Do not change the subject line, unless you are changing it to a new thread.

* Do not quote everything from a previous mail that has already been seen, but leave context so that people do not have to scan back through old mails to find out what on earth you are talking about.

* Topics should only be UFO/ALIEN/SPACE/RESEARCH related.
NO "New World Order" and "Religion"

* Do not insult someone who posts. You can argue their reasoning, of course.

* If you have a problem with a particular person, or action, on the list,
   e-mail the moderators, do *not* mail those comments to the list.

* To email the moderators:
   Dave Pigott - UK : <davep@harlequin.co.uk>
   Lieve Peten - BE : <shado@gmx.net>
   Perry van den Brink - NL : owner-uasr@mylist.net| or UASR@gmx.net

= = = = = = = = = A D D I T I O N A L R U L E S = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = =The following are NOT allowed at any time : = = = = = =
No one-liners. If you have a simple comment to make to someone,
then do so privately. There is nothing more annoying than opening an
email on a subject of interest only to find that all this is contributed is
"Yeah, right."
No personal attacks against any person or organisation. Do not post
disparaging remarks against the character of any participants. No
No long threads on topics not related to UFOs-/ALIENs-/SPACE-RESEARCH/TECHNOLOGY.
Finish up your off-topic chit-chats quickly, or move them to private email
and please get back on topic.

No requoting of long messages which have been previously posted to
UASR. This wastes bandwidth, slows down the list, and fills up
the mailboxes. Selective quoting of a mail, specifying which part of the email you're replying to, is always much clearer.
No badgering - Defined as harassing another user by continuing to ask
for clarification on why a participant says what he/she says. You may
discuss a participant's posting to gain a better understanding of how
he/she is thinking. If the person responds and does not answer your request
to your satisfaction, or is unable to, drop the subject and go on
with the main discussion.

If you have a tag line on your email, please keep within the bounds
of netiquette by keeping it to no more than four lines total, including
delimiting lines.

If your posting behaviour is such that you are constantly
inciting argument, disrupting discussions by emphasising the character
of a participant, complaining about the echo, and similar annoying
behaviour, then you'll be subject to moderation, warnings, and suspension from this forum
Everyone must be tolerant of other people's opinions, and stated
Anyone who breaks these rules is subject to having his/her feed or posting
privilege to UASR cut permanently or put on probation,
                **** WITHOUT WARNING ****
The moderators are not required to give warnings before suspending or
revoking access to the UASR echo.
     Best Regards,
........Dave Pigott UK ===== Moderator
.........Lieve Peten BE ===== Moderator
.........Perry van den Brink NL ===== UASR List owner/asst.Moderator
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