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List Name Fill your own hole - BYO jelly (unconvjelly)
Purpose: This is a list for the most unconvential pairings you can think of in the Buffyverse.. NO CANON.. No BIG unconvential ships..or anything that looks possible on the show(so no buffy/giles or willow/buffy b/spike etc) Just the most whackiest silliest pairings you can think of.. eg: Giles/Snyder Buffy/Cain Willow/lunch lady Wesley/Mrs Barton even Angel/Mr Pointy etc.. We want the strange, whacky and down right weird!! The kind of pairings you only think of when it's very late at night and you haven't slept in 36 hours.
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Created: Sep 21, 2001
Owners: Milk N'Giles, Eagle Wolf
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Categories: Humanities  |  Social Science  |  Communications  |  Writing  |  Fiction  |  Fan Fiction

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