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RE: On-line poll  GaTrail
 Jun 09, 2003 04:38 PDT 

Here is the link to the article that spurred the survey.

Below is copy of a post from another site regarding the ease of skewing
the votes:
And her response letter to the editor of the newspaper.

Just as an experiment (sheesh, I drank too much caffeine today!!!!) I
to delete cookies and go vote again. So I voted at 12:50 a.m., they had
received 42539 votes and its was 29.8 for horses, 70.1 against.
Deleted cookies again and voted at 12:53 a.m. They had received 42583
(44 votes in 3 minutes in the middle of the night?????) and it was 29.7
horses; 70.1 against.
And since there were 44 votes in the three minutes it took me to delete
and get back to the website, I have to question the validity of their
I think a bunch of letters to the editor of the Harrisburg paper are in
These results have got go be "skewed."
Dear Mr. Wilson--

I have watched the activity regarding your on-line poll with GREAT
over the past few days. The first time I voted, equestrian use was in
favor by
about 2 to 1.
Now it appears that the hikers/bicycle riders have gotten "organized."
the past hour I have seen the vote change (California time) as follows:

12:50 a.m. 42,539 votes 29.8 for equestrian use; 70.1 against
12:53 a.m. 42,583 votes 29.7 for equestrian use; 70.1 against
1:12 a.m. 42,895 votes 29.5 for equestrian use; 70.3 against
1:31 a.m. 43,218 votes 29.3 for equestrian use; 70.6 against

I'm thinking that the hikers/bicycle riders by their sheer numbers, have
figured out how to "skew" your survey. All it requires to vote more than
is to delete "cookies" and vote again.

Your survey is NOT accurate. This is the first on-line survey I've
participated in, but it appears to me that people who are "internet
savvy" and
have the time to vote again and AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! can "skew" the
results in
whatever manner they wish. Do you honestly believe that 800 people have
in the last 40 minutes AGAINST horses?????

I don't have that kind of time. Living in California I have watched the
evolution of mountain biking. I have heard the mountain bikers complain
the damage horses do to the trails. Then I go out and ride and see what
bicycles have done to the trails and fire roads. They have CREATED
problems where there were no erosion problems before bicycles.

In California the mountain bikers want access to the single track
trails. For
starters, bicycles would cause a lot of damage. But beyond that, how
would a
bicycle rider react if he/she met a horse on that single track trail.
just not safe!!!! Hikers and horses are compatible. Horses and
bicyclists are
compatible on fireroads, but it just doesn't work on single track

In my local parks, horsemen/women BUILT trails 30-40 years ago. Now the
and bicyclists want the horses banned.

Where IS America's COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!

Sue Flagg, Northern California

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From: Jay Koch [mailto:ja-@horsemensvoice.com]
Sent: Sunday, June 08, 2003 11:31 PM
To: gatr-@bellsouth.net
Subject: On-line poll


Where did you see this poll? I did a Google search and found it on a
Harrisburg, PA newspaper web site. Is there an article somewhere that
goes with this poll? I have to admit that I have only been glancing at
the e-mails on this thread, but the graphic really grabbed me.

We may have to mobilize people here in New Mexico, too.



Jay Koch
The Horsemen's Voice Magazine

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