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Re: Re: [bctr] Shawnee....Have you voted yet???  Janice Elsishans
 Jun 09, 2003 09:36 PDT 

What is interesting, I ride with trail riders and no matter how little or
how much I say, they just aren't moving their behinds to do much. They let
their horse move their behind. I hear you. Janice

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Sent: Sunday, June 08, 2003 12:55 PM
Subject: FW: Re: [bctr] Shawnee....Have you voted yet???

 Yes...keep spreading the word and coming up with ideas.
Lynn....how is the Tenn. Horse Council addressing trail issues (I may be
moving there soon). Every state needs to organize, get the local clubs
under their horse council trails committee involved....this MUST BE a
grassroots movement....as stated one person, one group, one state can
not do this alone we must all join in the effort. This might be a good
discussion group for SETC next month.

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From: fhwalsh [mailto:fhwa-@prodigy.net]
Sent: Sunday, June 08, 2003 12:53 PM
To: 'GaTrail'
Subject: RE: Re: [bctr] Shawnee....Have you voted yet???

You know, Garth Rumsmoke who writes for the Trail Rider magazine has
exactly the same idea. Get these merchants who benefit from our riding
to support us. Like he says -- tell the car and trailer dealers that
you had thought about getting a new vehicle or trailer, but if the
trails are closing you don't need them. Same thing for the tack and
feed dealers. Those are the people making the most money from us, and
they need to get behind us and support us.

Lynne Walsh
Tenn. Horse Council

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From: GaTrail [mailto:gatr-@bellsouth.net]
Sent: Sunday, June 08, 2003 8:27 AM
To: gatr-@bellsouth.net
Subject: FW: Re: [bctr] Shawnee....Have you voted yet???

Again....the idea behind these emails is to get folks talking.
This came from a chat group.
My response will come later.

        That is the $64,000 question. You are correct, in that we
are not proactive. Most of us prefer to ride in small groups so we
in the know concerning what's going on around us.

         Most of the meetings that are held are usually such a
distance away that it is hard for many people to attend. Maybe we need
to get
smaller groups to participate closer to our homes in hopes of getting
folks interested.
         Another thing we might try is to get all the businesses that
Support horses to help us. The more numbers we have on our side the
better. Some of these businesses will include our grain and hay
growers, seed
suppliers, feed mills and stores, tractor manufacturers, truck and horse
manufacturers, tack suppliers, vets and vet supplies, farriers and
farrier supplies, equine dentists, equine massage therapists,
western and english apparel manufacturers, saddle makers, vaccine
manufacturers, worming manufacturers, barn and fence manufacturers,
horse trainers, etc. I'm sure there are dozens I have missed. Maybe we
could insist our
horse council get busy to contact these people with flyers, ads, etc.
Form a committee with some clout behind it to help.

You are so CORRECT that we are not being heard. I think part of the
problem is that trailriders are independent. Also, because there are a
lot of people that own
horses that do other disciplines with them(cross country, jumping,
showing, reining, cutting, etc) that don't require trails, it's hard to
their support.

   Some of it may be because EPA is always saying horse manure
Is destroying this or that species. Also, our horses eat trees and
kill them. We need to be more responsible with our animals, but how do
we get
people to cooperate? I often see trail riders taking beer and soda cans
the trails and throwing them on the ground. Can we as trail riders
somehow get
some signs made up to remind people to not litter the trails? Does
anyone think that would help? Also, we have the hunters to contend
have a large gathering and are so against horses, we are already having
major problems sharing the land that is available. We are not allowed
the hunters land even when it isn't hunting season.

Many of us try, but the laws prohibit us from doing anything
Without the rangers right there to supervise....how do we get the
rangers to
let us help? Also we are not allowed to use chain saws, power tools,
in many parts of our forests.

Again, these conferences are far from most of us and it is not easy to

Does your group have monthly workdays to construct and maintain
trails and are YOU present on those workdays? Has the group you are
involved with developed a working relationship with land mangers to
promote and build equestrian trails and do you support these efforts
physically and/or financially?      I would like to.

   I'm not sure Alabama is doing much in that regard although
at the meeting this year, I believe they mentioned doing something. I
not heard what or if they are. (in regards to conference).

   How are we as individuals or as a group educating the uniformed and
equestrians on proper trail etiquette and the protection of the
lands we ride on?

I don't suppose we are doing much, that's why I suggested maybe we
could construct signs to be put up. Also we could send emails
around the US....most people these days have a computer and have no
forwarding jokes, etc.

So who is willing to start the ball rolling? It would have
to be someone who is gungho about this and who has the time and
to accomplish it....also they must be bold to speak up.

As our cities and population continues to grow and consume all
available private lands.all that will be left in the future are our
public lands, if we continue to loose access to these where will the
future trail riders be able to go?

         A very good question. Let's get our heads together and start
brainstorming. I've mentioned a few in this post, but I'm sure
there are
others out there that can contribute much, much more....we need

Ask yourselves these questions before you say this is not my problem.
I'll let the other guy worry about this for me.all I want to do is
ride. Well guess what, YOU are the other guy.and you must make this
your problem.if you want to continue to enjoy the trails with your
equine companion.

         Yep, we need to do something NOW.


         So how do we get united and start doing our part? Like
Sharon, I'm
ready to help.

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