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but it isn't religion...  Dan Dugan
 Oct 05, 2000 16:19 PDT 
I ran across this from Waldorf authority Joan Almon:

"A growing question in Waldorf kindergartens and schools is to what
extent is Waldorf education bound to the Christian religion and to
what extent is it more universal. The answer points towards the
modern mysteries, for Waldorf education is centered around the Christ
as a Universal Being who has helped humans in their development from
the beginning of time...Waldorf education strives to create a place
in which the highest beings, including the Christ, can find their
home, but it is not connected to one religion or another.

"In the Waldorf kindergarten we tend to live from season to season,
from festival to festival, but it is also wonderful to reflect on the
year as a whole. Rudolf Steiner's *Soul Calendar* is a means of
sensitizing ourselves to the inner moods of the year and our soul
responses to them. Working with the current verse andd relating it to
the verse for the opposite time of year is a step towards developing
a conscousness for the year as a whole and for its powerful rhythms
which we experience inwardly as well as outwardly in nature."

[Almon, Joan. "The Seasons and their Festivals." An Overview of the
Waldorf Kindergarten: Articles from the Waldorf Kindergarten
Newsletter 1981 to 1992 Volume One. Silver Spring, MD: Waldorf
Kindergarten Association of North America, Inc., 1993, p. 72.]

This is a good example of both the religiosity of Waldorf, and of how
it is denied. "Modern mysteries"? "Universal Being"? Are these not
the matters of religion?

Almon says "not connected to one religion or another" and then goes
on to recommend reading from a book of weekly prayers by Steiner.

-Dan Dugan
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