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Re: Christianity, and heated comments  Diana Winters
 Nov 30, 2000 06:25 PST 

[Sune posted - Steiner:]
 'The concept of race in a proper sense was only useful at the old
Atlantis . . .

 It would have completely no sense if we were to speak of that we in
our time were preparing for a sixth 'race'. . . what is preparing >itself
for the sixth epoch consists specifically in getting rid of and >leaving
behind that which is 'racial character'. That is the important >thing."

 4 December 1909, in: The deeper secrets of the development of humanity
in the light of the gospels (GA 117)

As Chris pointed out (in another context), Steiner talks out of both sides
of his mouth. (I've noticed that this observation, which I've made before,
doesn't get a response. )

A colorful story of the origins of the races resulting from dramatic events
in the spirit world - Archangels battling for dominance of this or that
region, or suddenly withdrawing; wars in heaven; nations perishing while the
spirits pursue their "missions"; new Spirits ascending, passing the torch;
exhortations to keep their rankings, titles, and hierarchies straight - is
followed by
a few sober remarks about unity and not taking race too seriously.

Which did he think his audience would retain - these moralistic
afterthoughts, or the inspiring 4-hour melodramatic explanation of exactly
why they *should* take race terribly seriously?

From lecture 1 of "The mission of single folk souls in relation to Germanic
and Nordic mythology," given in Oslo in June, 1910, translated by A.H.
Parker, 1975, Dornach, Rudolf Steiner Verlag (copyright held by Rudolf
Steiner Press):

"We are here dealing with exalted Beings and the contemplation of their
attributes might well overwhelm us. They are the Beings who might be
described as the inspirers - or if we choose to use the technical expression
of occultism - the "inutitors" of the Spirit or Spirits of the Age. They
work in such a way that they take over from one another and mutually support
each other. From epoch to epoch they pass on their mission to their
successor. . . . . These Spirits of Personality, these inspirers of the
Spirit of the Age, are of a higher order than the Folk Spirits. In every
epoch one of these Spirits of Personality is predominant and sets his seal
upon the whole epoch, assigns to the Folk Spirits their specific tasks, so
that the whole spirit of the epoch is determined by the special or
individual characteristics of the Folk Spirit. Then, in the following epoch,
another Spirit of Personality, another of the Archai, takes over."

From lecture 7 synopsis:
"In post-Atlantean times the Archangels advance to the rank of Time Spirits
or Archai.
They are concerned with the events of late Atlantis and the transition to
Distribution of races took place in early Atlantis; in late Atlantis a
second migration took place.
Nuclei of future peoples left behind in Asia, Africa, Europe.
Archangels became their guiding Spirits.
Culture-epochs named after those people whose Archangels became the leading
Time Spirits." etc. (believe me, there is a lot of etc.)

But don't pay this much mind, it used to matter but doesn't now. <sarcasm>
Give me a break, not take race seriously after an evening of listening to

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