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Admin: ad hominem warning  Dan Dugan
 May 13, 2003 10:51 PDT 

Percedol, you posted, in an article by Sune Nordwall,

 The "Protocol of Steiner" mythology in question is mainly based on the
works of a left wing activist, Peter Staudenmaier, creating and laying a
forgery as the foundation stone of his works as non-academic, self
appointed "historical scholar", repeatedly mixing truths with untruths
in what he writes on anthroposophy.

The forgery consists in making up a never held lecture by Steiner,
portraying him as a proto-Nazi, and make the by himself made up,
non-existing "lecture" into the basic introductory "explanation" of

In spite of criticism pointing to the total lack of documentation
regarding the "existence" of the "lecture" in question, Mr Staudenmaier
persistently in different confusing ways has defended its "existence"
for almost two years until it has become too evident to all that it
constitutes a forgery, only existing in the fantasy of Staudenmaier

You probably haven't even read the archives of the discussion of the
absurd charge that Nordwall made against Staudenmaier. Nordwall
claimed Staudenmaier had made up a Steiner lecture that was easily
available both in print and on the web. I have that lecture here in
the PLANS library.

For an example of Peter's extremely patient response to this kind of
provocation, please see his posting of 10/5/01 "Re: Peter
Staudenmaier's lie about RS exposed".

In my opinion the statements you posted constitute grounds for an
action of libel by Staudenmaier against Nordwall, and by repeating
it, you have now exposed yourself to the same possibility.

You may not use waldorf-critics commit libel. If you continue to make
ad hominem posts you will be unsubscribed. This is your warning.

-Dan Dugan
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