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RE: AW: Bruce in 1923 and 2007  awalde-@shaw.ca
 May 23, 2007 10:11 PDT 

Hi Bruce,

You wrote:
 Dear Peter (and anyone else caring to read my posts): PLEASE understand
there are more important things in my life than researching into race,
responding to hundreds of WC posts and dealing with persistent needling
from YOU!

I encourage you not to think of being needled but rather that people are
sincerely interested in your thoughts on this subject. Please remember
that Peter and others are also very busy yet we try to find the time to
discuss these issues. That's why we joined.

With respect, so far, Bruce, many of your contributions have not dealt
with the topic at hand. It's a little confusing to know where you're
coming from with answers like:

"I accept without reservation that this is one of Steiner's remarks
which needs a great deal of digesting!"

 I have to write ABI exams this week and weekend, correct MSA exams next
week and write reports sometime before the year ends!!

Please try and understand that an immediate response means simply I HAVE
TIME to give a considered response.

Yes, I can relate to being very busy. I wonder if you might be thinking
that dealing with this many posts feels overwhelming? It might help if
you try responding to some posts as you read them?

For example, you and baandje have ignored some of my very simple
questions - for example, my post of 21/05/07 where your name is in the
subject of the post - RE: bruce-baandje's thoughts? (was " racist
angels") This post/question of mine was sparked from one of your
comments (curious about lack of foreigners in Waldorf) and one from
baandje (racist angel story).

It should not take much time to respond to my simple post - no need to
read Peter's suggested reading list, etc. (excellent list of material,

And speaking of busy, I'm off now to give a presentation and tour of an
alternative school to a group of educators from Vietnam. Then I meet
with senior admin from a School Board and then a meeting with some
politicians interested in creating policy to help empower students in
their schools - especially via various conflict resolution models.

Lotsa fun!

I look forward to your posts, Bruce.

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