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RE: AW: reincarnation and race  David Dodds
 May 23, 2007 15:43 PDT 

Bruce Jackson wrote:

I'm sure most of you are aware that Annie Besant's suggestion that
Krishnamurti was a reincarnation of Christ was the reason that Steiner
withdrew from the Theosophical Society and founded the >Anthroposophical

Well, that's an Steiner-supportive view.
Another more objective viewpoint is that this was the final straw for
Annie Beasant. Following Rudi's failure to take over the T.S., and to
have A.B. removed, she retaliated by booting him:

"Steiner quickly rose to prominence among the Theosophists, and was soon
made head of the society's German Branch. One member of his audience was
particularly struck. Marie von Sivers – who in 1914 became Steiner's
second wife – was a Baltic Russian actress. She asked if it weren't time
for a new spiritual movement to arise in Europe, and, more to the point,
didn't Steiner think he should lead it? Steiner agreed, but insisted
that any such movement would be firmly based on Western esoteric
sources. Steiner had recently passed through a spiritual crisis which
convinced him that the Christ event was the single most important
incident in human history; he had no time for 'Eastern wisdom' or mystic
Mahatmas. He then more or less adopted the cosmic evolutionary framework
of Madame Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine and imbued it with large helpings
of German Idealist philosophy and Christian mysticism, developing a
peculiarly idiosyncratic neo-Rosicrucian system of esoteric thought,
aided by his own readings of the Akashic Record. (For a detailed
account, see Steiner's 1909 Outline of Occult Science.) In the light of
all this, it's difficult to ignore the occult historian James Webb's
remark that Steiner joined the Theosophical Society in order to take it

His relationship with the society, however, was rocky, and in 1913 he
and its then head, ex-Fabian Annie Besant, came to rhetorical blows over
CW Leadbeater's advocacy of the Indian boy Krishnamurti as the second
coming of Christ. Steiner was disgusted at the idea, and even more so at
Leadbeater's known pædophilic predilections. He demanded Besant's
resignation; she retaliated by excommunicating him. Steiner left with
much of his flock – by this time a few thousand – and started his own
group, the Anthroposophical Society. As opposed to theosophy, which
spoke of the wisdom of the gods, anthroposophy – an uncommon though not
unknown term in Western philosophy – was concerned with the wisdom of
the human being."



Steiner had nothing against Besant's ideas on reincarnation! It's
 interesting to speculate who was who in previous incarnations!! (when
accept reincarnation in the first place).

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