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Re: Individuality and Genus (was: Steiner's role ...)  Peter Staudenmaier
 Oct 02, 2001 18:53 PDT 
Tarjei writes:

 You're talking about and describing a lecture that is not in the
cycle on folk souls that he held for members in Christiania (Oslo)
and that are published in full at

In the lecture you're talking about, RS is allegedly telling a large
public audience that the Aryan race is the *superior* root-race. You
are ascribing to RS things he has never said, and when confronted
with this, you talk about an unpublished lecture without a title that
is not included in the cycle. Hello?

Hello, Tarjei. The lecture is included, in revised form, at the site you
point to above. It's chapter six in the book version, based on Steiner's
lecture of June 12, 1910. In the English edition, that's roughly pages
90-110 or so. If you disagree that Steiner here designates the "Aryans" as
superior to the other "root races" he describes, then by all means present
an argument to that effect. It's childish to pretend that the lecture
doesn't exist if all you mean is that you read its content differently.

 Sune has tried to locate this mysterious public lecture of yours, but
it does not exist, and there is no record of it ever having been
held. In other words, it's your invention as a ploy to legitimize
your outrageous article.

If Sune really is trying to "locate" it, he's not looking very hard, since
he scanned the book in himself. Why does this strike you as "mysterious"?
Last I heard from him, Sune simply insisted that my interpretation of
Steiner's Aryan supremacism was incorrect, not that the whole lecture was an
invention of mine (though Sune at one point also claimed that Steiner
doesn't use the terms "root race" and "Aryan" in this chapter, which is
obviously untrue). If you find his interpretation of this text more
persuasive than mine, I encourage you to tell us why. If not, then what
exactly are you talking about?

Peter S.

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