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ADMIN: Re: you are boring me!! And skip this one!  Dan Dugan
 May 13, 2003 10:50 PDT 

Percedol, you wrote to Jennifer,

 I don't know of any rules about pasting or posting within the boundaries
of decency. So even if Mr. Farrel disagrees I'll keep posting what I
feel is good to post.

Posting long quotations from a web site contributes little to the
discussion because there's too much material. In the future just post
the URL of a web site you want to call our attention to. If there's
something you want to discuss, quote just that paragraph.

 Also, nobody ever said that under "percedol" there is one and only one
individual. It is a mean for anybody who is willing to contribute posts
and have a different view than the critics.

No, Percedol, "anybody who is willing to contribute posts and have a
different view than the critics" is welcome to subscribe for
themselves. You may not be a conduit for postings from Sune Nordwall
or anyone else. Nordwall was a member of this discussion list for a
long time, but he was banned in September 2001, after being
unsubscribed three times for posting ad hominem arguments. You have
been warned.

 P. at al.

If you continue in this vein, Percedol, I will unsubscribe your alias
and insist that you subscribe in your own real name only.

-Dan Dugan
Moderator, waldorf-critics
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