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Re: Am I the only one curious?  Debra Snell
 Sep 14, 2005 23:13 PDT 

On Wednesday, September 14, 2005, at 01:53 PM, Diana Winters wrote:

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Linda whines:

 I think I should probably just order a court transcript. It will
probably be a faster, and certainly more grow-up, way to find any
"information" about what's going on.

Oh, that's mature. <sarcasm> Maybe I could explain something really
basic to
you, over again? It is still early afternoon on the West Coast (remember
they all live close enough to have lunch? ha) and people have to do
like finish work, commute, walk the dogs, check the kids' homework.


Thanks, Diana. I have a new puppy (Isabelle) that I'm housebreaking -
and frankly I'm the only one who cares between the two of us. The
commute to Sacramento is $25.00 in gas money away - indicating the
time... My son, Max, 17 yrs. is scheduled to give his first talk on the
Middle East conflict at his former high school on Friday. He is pressing
me for critique. He calls "Where *are* you?" (Running as fast as I
can !!!) I work full time with our business (lost wax cast jewelry
manufacturing) whose clients had a hell of a great show. Orders and
deadlines are looming. We're turning the business from a billing agent
to collecting money by credit/debt card and we're learning the new
system by fire. Sorry if I've taken too long. This is a very important
subject to me...

 Do you
do any of those things? They are a *volunteer* organization and nobody
paying anybody to write press releases. I suspect the situation is a tad
different at the Anthroposophical Society of America? Just a thought.

You think they get paid to do this stuff?!! Hmmm..., what a thought!

 Please get a grip: the trial started Monday, today is Wednesday, I think
they will have an update for you soon.

Every spare moment, trust me.


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You can ask any question about Waldorf you like here, no matter how
basic. New threads are always welcome.
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