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RE: Sound familiar?  Peter Staudenmaier
 May 22, 2007 12:46 PDT 

Baandje writes:

 The Irish were persecuted for centuries Ė the Church attempting to rid
that country of celtic spirituality. Again, nothing to do with skin
color; everything to with typical Christian/religious arrogance.

It sounds like Baandje thinks Irish people counted as 'white' at that point.
For a different view, see Noel Ignatiev, How the Irish Became White (New
York 1996).

 I would guess Steiner believed the same or similar karmic
relationship applied to all European/New World countries and individuals
(all the white dudes of the world, sorry to say).

No, Steiner got a lot more specific than that, and he did indeed assign a
special role to Germans in bringing Christianity to full fruition, not to
mention in fully realizing the I. This remains a central aspect of
anthroposophical racial-ethnic theory today.

 Fundamentalism of any kind, SUCKS. How about we leave it at that?

That's too abstract. If you want to know how and why a particular something
sucks, then you'll need to pay attention to its specific characteristics.

 In other words, I donít see what the Steiner-specific bashing is about.

That's because you're not looking at Steiner specifically.


Peter S.

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