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 Wellness Weekly
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Health Questions & Answers #1 ~ [Issue 0200-4]  Wellness Weekly
 Feb 23, 2000 04:00 PST 
Q1. I have heard that it does not matter how many eggs you eat
because the cholesterol they contain has little impact on blood
cholesterol. Is that true?

A1. It is true that the cholesterol in foods does not affect most
people's blood cholesterol as much as saturated fat affects being
overweight. But it still can elevate blood cholesterol levels,
particularly if your blood cholesterol is at or above 200 milligrams
per tenth of a liter of blood. Furthermore, some people are
particularly sensitive to dietary cholesterol; their blood
cholesterol will increase significantly with an increase in egg yolks
and other cholesterol containing foods.

The thing to do is learn your blood cholesterol level. If it is less
than 200 and you are otherwise healthy, an extra egg here and there
probably will not hurt. If it is above 200, stick to the recommended
limit of 300 milligrams of dietary cholesterol a day. An egg yolk has
about 215 milligrams; 3 ounces of beef or poultry, 70 to 85
milligrams; and 1 tablespoon of butter or 8 ounces of whole milk has
33 milligrams.

Q2. Do dried fruits have as much fiber as regular fruit?

A2. Absolutely. Dried fruits have exactly the same amount of fiber as
regular fruit. They also have 70% of the vitamins and 100% of the
minerals as regular fruit. All things considered, dried fruits make a
wonderful, healthful snack - plus they are terrific to use in low
fat, high fiber cooking!

Q3. I recently went to a fancy restaurant that featured skate as the
catch of the day but passed it up as I had never heard of it. How
does skate taste, and what is it like nutritionally?

A3. Long popular in Europe (the French often have it in brown butter
with capers) and just beginning to gain a following in the United
States, skate has a mild flavor that has often been compared to the
flavor of scallops. For texture, it might be called the brisket of
fish, since it tends to feel somewhat stringy going down.

The edible portion of this relative of the shark consists of the
wing-shaped fins (skate looks more like a bat than a typical fish).
These "wings" are hard to miss if you are looking for skate in a fish
market; they fan out and have a ribbed appearance. A three-ounce
serving of skate (without the butter) contains about 100 calories, 1
gram of fat, and no cholesterol.
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