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 Wellness Weekly
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Health Tips #8 ~ [Issue 0300-2]  Wellness Weekly
 Mar 14, 2000 08:58 PST 

- Asthma Attack Alert

According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, it is important to
prevent fatal asthma attacks by treating symptoms early. Do not wait.
Although most people regard wheezing as an indication of severity,
other symptoms, too, may signal danger. Seek assistance when:
breathing becomes difficult; neck, chest, or ribs pull in with each
breath; nostrils flare; walking or talking becomes difficult;
fingernails or lips turn blue; peak airflow reading drops 50% below
your normal level or keeps dropping even after you take your medication.

- Fidgeting - A New Factor in Weight Control

In a recent issue of "Science," Mayo Clinic researchers published
results of a study investigating how some people burn extra calories.
Subjects were overfed an extra 1,000 calories per day and gained an
average of only 10 pounds each. Had all the extra calories turned
into fat, each person would have gained 17 pounds. So where did the
calories go? None of the subjects were doing anything out of the
ordinary. Finally, the unexpected extra calorie burning was
determined to come from "non-exercise activity thermogenesis" or
"NEAT," which the investigators associated with "fidgeting." So, we
should be tapping our feet, shifting in our chairs, getting up for
that glass of water and pacing the floor whenever we can - fidgeting
to help control our weight!

- Think Vitamin B-Complex

A recent report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated
that older people who had low levels of certain complex B vitamins
performed poorly on tests which challenged their thinking ability.

- Coronary Disease Still Most Deadly

Government statistics, as well as updated results from the 50-year
Framingham Heart Study of more than 7,000 volunteers in Framingham,
Massachusetts, confirm that heart disease remains the leading cause
of death in the U.S. Echoing the news, the British Medical Journal
Lancet, noted that the next two leading causes of mortality are
cancer and stroke.

- Smoking and Longevity

According to a recent study in the British Medical Journal, men who
are lifetime smokers are only half as likely to make it to age 73 as
non-smokers. Those who started smoking before age 40 had a 42% chance
of reaching age 73 verses 78% for the non-smokers.
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