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 Wellness Weekly
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Health Questions & Answers #3 ~ [Issue 0400-4]  Wellness Weekly
 Apr 25, 2000 11:38 PDT 

Question #1:
Will I have stronger bones if I exercise?

Answer #1:
Women aged 65 and older who are very active have a 36% lower risk of
hip fractures than sedentary women. It seems as though the more
active you are, the better your level of protection. Exercise is also
valuable in supporting cardiovascular health and weight control, as
well as improving bone density.

Question #2:
Why do vegetarians need to be careful about their zinc?

Answer #2:
Zinc is an important nutrient for healing, immune system function,
and as an antioxidant. About 44% of the zinc in most diets comes from
meat, fish, and poultry. Vegetarians should include legumes and whole
grains in their daily diets. However, they must still be careful,
because the typical vegetarian diet contains from 10% to 30% less zinc.

Question #3:
Why should I eat my potato skins?

Answer #3:
Skins contain more B vitamins, iron, potassium, and fiber. Make sure
the potato is washed thoroughly and avoid the skin if it has a green
tinge. Green color may indicate undesirable levels of solanine, a
naturally occurring toxin which may cause cramps, diarrhea and
fatigue. You may also consider taking a product like Phase'oLean
Forte (http://www.aomega.com/ahs/p1200a.htm) tablets to block some of
the empty starch calories.

Question #4:
What is meant by "whole leaf processing" regarding aloe vera liquid

Answer #4:
Many Aloe vera products are made from the inner part or gel of Aloe
vera leaves. More recent understanding is that the rind contains even
more constituents than the gel. To get the most benefits from
drinking aloe vera supplements, make certain you obtain "whole-leaf
processed" products.

Question #5:
Is it important to drink while exercising?

Answer #5:
Most exercise experts agree that you should drink plenty of water
before, during, and after exercising. In fact, it is possible to lose
up to two quarts of water when you exercise. You can lose a lot of
water before you become thirsty, so you have to be extremely careful.
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