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 Wellness Weekly
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Health Questions & Answers #4 ~ [Issue 0500-4]  Wellness Weekly
 May 23, 2000 13:03 PDT 

Q & A #1:
What is collagen and why all the interest in it today?

Collagen is the most prevalent protein in our body, a major part of
the structure holding us together. It is important to both maintain
our collagen levels with good nutrition and protect existing collagen
with antioxidants. As more and more research is done, scientists and
clinicians are becoming even more aware of how important collagen
really is in such areas as circulation.

Q & A #2:
Does turkey actually contain more fat than ham?

In general, no. Animal fat, be it from turkey, pork, or beef is
animal fat. It is saturated fat and when cooked, especially with an
open flame as when barbecuing, can produce carcinogens - avoid them
like the plague. Turkey is one of the leaner meats, especially if you
eat the white meat and avoid the skin and fat under the skin. Some
ham is leaner than others, but generally contains more fat than does turkey.

Q & A #3:
What causes heartburn?

Heartburn really has nothing to do with your heart. It is a burning
sensation resulting from stomach acid backing-up into your esophagus.
What usually happens is the valve at the upper end of your stomach
(the cardiac end) becomes weakened and does not always close as well
as it should. Then, when an abundance of hydrochloric acid is
produced by the stomach, some gets out and causes irritation to the
tissues of the esophagus. The lining of the stomach is designed to
deal with the acid, but other tissues cannot, so a burning sensation
is produced when these tissue are exposed.

Q & A #4:
Does cooked fruit still contain antioxidants?

Usually some, but not many. All phytonutrients, including
antioxidants, are sensitive to heat. So the more you cook them, the
more you destroy their antioxidants.

Q & A #5:
Is rice healthier than potatoes?

It depends on the type of rice you use. Both foods contain a lot of
starch. If you eat whole grain rice that is not overcooked, it will
contain more protein and usually more minerals. White rice is not
much different nutritionally.
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