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Health Tips #69 ~ [Issue 0405-2]  Wellness Weekly
 Apr 14, 2005 19:13 PDT 

* Early Warning for Ovarian Cancer

Researchers have recently discovered that ovarian cancer may cause a
cluster of identifiable symptoms in some women. In 43% of women
diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the women experienced a combination of
a swollen stomach, a bloated feeling, and urgent urination. The
symptoms were typically persistent and severe. In addition to a
swollen stomach, bloated feelings, and urgent urination, other
symptoms associated with ovarian cancer included pelvic pain, an
abdominal mass, and constipation. Keep in mind that many of these
symptoms are very common in women and that their presence does not
necessarily indicate ovarian cancer. However, ovarian cancer often
carries a poor prognosis when discovered late, so if you are
concerned about symptoms, see your healthcare provider soon.

* Common Lip Balm Ingredients

Almond oil: Made from almond kernels, this sweet-smelling, light oil
is one of the most versatile skin-care oils. Avocado oil: The thick
oil promotes skin healing and has a natural SPF (sun protection
factor) of 7, the highest of any fruit or vegetable oil. Beeswax:
Used as a thickener and stiffening agent, beeswax easily stays on
lips and helps protect them from wind and sun-it has a natural SPF of
about 5. Cocoa butter: The fat surrounding the cocoa bean is one of
the richest oils available and is commonly used to thicken body-care
products. It is an excellent dry-skin treatment. Coconut oil: A
commonly used cosmetic oil, coconut oil helps prevent water loss and
soothes the skin. Candelilla: A plant-based wax, candelilla can be
used alone or in combination with other waxes to harden a lip balm.
Hemp seed oil: The thin, easily absorbed oil from cannabis plant
seeds is high in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. Lanolin:
The thick, viscous, protective oil on sheep's wool is similar to
human skin oil, making it an effective skin moisturizer. Shea butter:
From the fruit of an African tree, shea butter is a soft, fragrant
and highly absorbable oil that lends a silky texture to lip balms.
Vitamin E: The natural antioxidant helps preserve oils and encourages
new skin growth.

* Fitness Ideas for Kids

One of the culprits responsible for the increase in the number of
overweight youngsters is a lack of exercise. Here are some tips from
fitness expert Dr. Kenneth Cooper and the National Association for
Sport and Physical Education on how to get your children moving. -
Offer rewards for exercising, such as tokens they can save to attend
a sporting event or theme park. - Have a "toy run" by hiding small,
inexpensive toys along a neighborhood route. Walk or run with your
child to pick up the prizes. - Watch events on TV or movies with a
sports theme, such as "The Karate Kid: or "The Rookie," and then try
to engage the kids in such an activity. - Walk or ride a bike with
your kids while doing errands. - Plan birthday parties around a
sports theme, such as bowling, miniature golf, or skating.

* Duct Tape and Warts?

Duct tape was about 45 percent more effective than freezing warts
with liquid nitrogen, a United States study finds. To treat a wart,
wear a duct tape patch matching the size of the wart for six days.
Remove the patch, soak and file the wart and leave it uncovered
overnight, and reapply a tape patch the next morning. Follow this for
two months or until the wart disappears, the Harvard Health Letter
says. Skin warts, although usually harmless, can be unsightly,
annoying, and painful. While some tend to disappear on their own,
others can be a challenge to get rid of.

* Nutritional Mistakes Can Lead To Obesity

Temple University Children's Medical Center pediatrician Dr. Denise
Salerno, in Philadelphia, says one reason for pediatric obesity is
poor nutrition habits. She advises against giving desert rewards to
children because they end up eating more than they want to, just for
a sweet treat. " Fruit juices, sports drinks, and chocolate milk
drinks have high amounts of sugar and calories," she says. "Water is
the ideal beverage choice because it hydrates and does not add extra
calories." Salerno advises children not be members of the
"clean-plate club" and suggests fast foods be avoided because they
are high in salt and calories. Lastly, Salerno advises not to have
junk food in the house. "This only makes kids want to eat it,"
Salerno said. "If it is there, it is a temptation."
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