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Health Tips #76 ~ [Issue 1105-2]  Wellness Weekly
 Nov 11, 2005 09:10 PST 

* Apple Facts

Apples are a marvelous anti-aging food. They stabilize blood sugar,
lower blood pressure, control the appetite, and keep the
cardiovascular system healthy. Researchers have found that those who
eat more apples tend to have a lower incidence of colds and upper
respiratory ailments. Be sure to eat the skin - it contains pectin
fiber, a soluble type of fiber, which is a well known anti-
cholesterol agent. Eating an apple a day will keep you younger in
many ways.

* Olive Oil And Intestinal Health

We all know eating a high-fiber diet is the best way to keep the
colon free from disease. Fiber sweeps the intestines clean and keeps
the body from being constipated. Constipation ages us quickly. Many
experts say that cancer and other diseases begin in the colon.
But did you know that adding a little olive oil to your eating plan
may also help your colon? Researchers believe that olive oil may have
the ability to help lower your risk of colon cancer. Studies say it
may be the high concentration of squalene, an element of olive oil,
that gives olive oil its cancer-fighting powers. Keep your colon
healthy by adding a tablespoon of olive oil to your salad every day!

* All Chocolate Is Not Equal

Lately you may have been reading about the high antioxidant content
of chocolate. Once considered akin to the devil, chocolate has now
become the new "health food!" But here are a couple of things to be
aware of: The amount of chocolate needed to produce health benefits
is 3.5 ounces - about 600 calories worth. For most women that is
about 1/3 of the daily total calories, and for men, about 1/4. So,
think in terms of moderation. Eating a bit here and there is a
wonderful component of a healthy diet. The United States State
Department believes that approximately 15,000 children have been sold
into slavery to produce chocolate in West Africa where 70% of the
world's cocoa is grown. The problem is so prevalent, that in 2001 a
bill was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives stating that
chocolate bars needed to have labels stating that they were "free of
slave labor." Unfortunately, when this bill reached the Senate, it
was watered down to become a voluntary measure. So, how can you know
that the chocolate you are eating was not the product of child
slaves? Look for chocolate that says: "Fair Trade" - Fair trade
prohibits the use of slave labor and 50% of it is also organically
grown. Look for cocoa content of at least 30%. The higher the
percentage the more healthful properties in the bar.

* Obesity Also A Mental Health Issue

Much of the attention on obesity in the United States has centered on
the health effects, but Dr. David Baron says it is also a mental
health issue. "Many children, teens, and adults who suffer with
weight problems have emotional issues," says Baron, chair of the
department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at Temple University
Hospital in Philadelphia. "They do not feel good about themselves or
their condition." Baron says poor diet, a lack of exercise, stress,
busy lifestyles, and physical and emotional exhaustion often sabotage
even the best intentions to lose weight.
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