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Skin Allergy Triggers ~ [Issue 0106-3]  Wellness Weekly
 Jan 17, 2006 08:58 PST 


If you have found a health or beauty product that causes an allergic
reaction (usually red and/or bumpy skin), you are not alone. There
are literally hundreds of products out there that bring on allergies
in different people.

The most common problems are caused by preservatives. Any agent that
contains water requires a preservative to keep bacteria or funguses
from growing in it. The most common preservatives associated with
allergy are those that release formaldehyde. A good example of that
is quaternium-15 found in various lotions or creams or even shampoos
and cleansing agents. There is also a collection of moisturizing
lotions that are preserved with a chemical called

If you are allergic to those chemicals, you will need to avoid
products that contain them, so you will have to learn to look for
them on the label of all skin and hair care products. Parabens are
another type of preservative that are used in thousands of products,
and they cause fewer allergic reactions.

In addition to the preservatives, some people think perfumes are
common causes of contact dermatitis. Botanicals, found in products
like shampoos, can also cause skin allergies. Botanicals are plant
extracts, or the so-called "natural" chemicals. They may have an
odor, but they are not officially designated as fragrances on the label.
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