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The Miracle of MSM ~ [Issue 0799-2]  Wellness Weekly
 Jul 14, 1999 12:22 PDT 

If you (or someone you know) suffer from allergies or pains and
inflammation from fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis, joint
problems, tendonitis, muscle or back aches, headaches, TMJ, carpal
tunnel syndrome, or bursitis, then you (or they) need to try MSM!

What is MSM?

MSM is being hailed as "the natural solution for allergies and pain,"
by the many who now use it. MSM is a nutritional supplement,
available without prescription, that is rapidly establishing a
reputation as a safe, natural, and effective solution for many types
of pain and inflammatory conditions.

MSM is an abbreviation for Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane, a natural form of
sulfur found in all living organisms and present in our body fluids
and tissues. MSM actually comes to the earth with rain water. First,
sulfur from deep in the earth is sent into the atmosphere in gaseous
form, as sulfur dioxide. It then combines with atmospheric moisture
to form a natural type of "acid rain," in this case, beneficial to
our systems. Logically, MSM is also found in many fresh foods,
including most fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and some grains.
Unfortunately, it is easily destroyed in cooking, storing and
processing. Due to modern food processing and cooking, sufficient MSM
may not be present in the food we eat to provide us adequate amounts
of this significant source of biological sulfur.

Scientific interest in MSM as a dietary supplement stems from
research conducted by Dr. Stanley W. Jacob (considered the "Father of
MSM") at the Oregon Health Science University. He learned that MSM
was an odorless and stable metabolite of DMSO, which possesses
similar properties. Actually, MSM can also be called DMSO-2 - that
is, DMSO with an additional oxygen atom.

MSM and Sulfur in the Diet

MSM is an essentially odorless and tasteless crystalline substance
which demonstrates usefulness as a dietary supplement. Research
suggests that a minimal amount may be essential to normal cell
structure and function. Furthermore, there are indications that MSM
concentrations decline with advancing age, thus the importance of
supplementation. Sulfur-the element-is an important body component,
essential to life, and a major component of all living things. Often
overlooked as a nutrient, it is an important ingredient of several
very critical amino acids that make up the proteins contained in our
muscles, enzymes and other constituents in our body.

Many Important Body Proteins Contain Sulfur

Two vital oxidation-reducing amino acid partners, cysteine and
cystine, both contain sulfur. These, in turn, are contained in some
of the body's important proteins, including: many hormones,
sex-binding protein, thyroid transcription factor, immunoglobulins,
insulin, epidermal growth factor, collagen and elastin.

Hair, Skin, and Nails

One familiar sulfur-dependent structure of our bodies is our skin.
Sulfur is in the proteins which constitute skin, basic hair, and
nails. The sulfur-containing structural protein keratin is found
throughout the body, from the epidermis to the hair follicle, to the
bronchial epithelium of the lungs, to the intestinal mucosa.
Sulfur-bearing amino acids are key components of many functional
proteins and enzymes, a number of which are held in place by
permanent disulfide (-S-S-) linkages-used, for example, to maintain
the hair in its natural straight or curly character.

Pains and Inflammations

MSM works on aches and pains associated with systematic inflammatory
disorders. Individuals presenting signs and symptoms of pain and
inflammation associated with various musculoskeletal system disorders
reported substantial and long lasting relief while including MSM in
their daily diet. Migraine sufferers have obtained substantial relief
with MSM. MSM helps to make the cell walls more permeable which
increases circulation. By increasing circulation there is less build
up of pressure and in effect less pain. Taking the MSM regularly will
help maintain good circulation and low pressure. Think of a cell as a
balloon full of water but instead of rubber it's protein. When the
protein is tough the water pressure inside the cell can become much
greater than the water pressure outside the cell, and this causes
inflammation or inflating of the cell. This is where most pain comes
from. Aspirin shuts the nerve off but the cell is still damaged. MSM
effects the protein so that the water freely flows through the cell
wall, taking toxins out and getting more nutrition in. That is why a
person with emphysema and asthma experience immediate relief. The
cells flexibility enables more oxygen and nutrition to get inside the
cell. MSM improved the chemical profile of arthritic patients (e.g.
providing relief from pain and stiffness, reduced swelling and
inflammation, coupled with a return of blood chemistry toward normalcy).


Oral MSM moderates diverse allergic responses as to pollen and foods.
Antiallergy medication and dissemination methods may be sharply
reduced. An allergic reaction is simply your body's reaction to
something foreign in your system. These foreign proteins and free
radicals invade your body and cause reactions and problems. Your body
responds with a sneeze, wheeze, swollen, puffy eyes, etc. When you
take MSM, your cells become more permeable, enabling your body to
quickly wash out any foreign particles in your system. Every twelve
hours your body is designed to flush each cell of any unwanted
debris. When your diet is deficient, the cell walls become hard and
stiff and this hinders fluid flow through the cell walls. MSM softens
the cell walls, allowing foreign proteins and free radicals to be
washed out of your system. If enough MSM is taken, all of the foreign
particles can be flushed from your system and your allergic reactions
will effectively be reduced.

Further Reading

MSM possesses many other healthful properties that make it a truly
unique and powerful nutritional supplement. To learn more about MSM
and the product we offer called "MSM Plus," please visit the
following web page: http://www.aomega.com/ahs/m1020a.htm - there
you will find links to even more details, the other products we offer
on our web site, and ordering information / instructions.


For a limited time only and while supplies last, Wellness Weekly
subscribers can receive a FREE copy of the 250 page hardback book
entitled "The Miracle of MSM - The Natural Solution for Pain," by
Drs. Stanley Jacob and Ronald Lawrence. This is a $20 value! You must
purchase at least $75 or more of "MSM Plus" (or MSM Plus in
combination with any of the other products we offer). See the above
referenced web page for details.
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