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Antioxidants Fight Fat ~ [Issue 0799-3]  Wellness Weekly
 Jul 21, 1999 13:33 PDT 

Researchers have measured how much damage just one high fat meal can
cause. They have shown how, for at least six hours afterwards,
arteries are unable to expand to properly handle the blood flow
needed during physical or emotional stress. Scientists believe this
may be one reason why people who already have "clogged" arteries so
often suffer heart attacks soon after eating a high-fat meal.
Scientists have suspected that a sudden high dose of fat triggers
oxidation. This results in the release of certain chemicals in the
body that damage the inner layer of cells that line the heart and
blood vessels. They hypothesized that introducing antioxidants may
counteract the process.

Antioxidants Before the Feast

To test their theory, scientists at the University of Maryland first
measured the arteries in volunteers' arms, then invited them to eat a
high-fat meal, including hash browns, eggs, cheese and sausage, which
contained 50 grams of fat. But before they ate, they also took two
popular antioxidants; 800 units of vitamin E and 1,000 mg of vitamin
C. After the meal, technicians again measured the volunteers'
arteries. This time, they found no damage to the arteries. The
vitamins supported cardiovascular integrity.

Hints of Lasting Benefits

"The exciting thing to us is we could see an immediate, beneficial,
profound physiological effect," said Dr. Gary Plotnick, co-author of
the study. The researchers measured artery response for up to six
hours after the meal and found the vitamins provided a lasting
benefit. "We were surprised by the magnitude of the results," said
Dr. Robert Vogel. "There's been a great debate about the use of
antioxidant vitamins and we were surprised to see how powerful just
one dose of antioxidant vitamins were on this important process."

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