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Miracle from the Sea ~ [Issue 0899-1]  Wellness Weekly
 Aug 04, 1999 22:44 PDT 
Lyprinol Fights Pain and Possibly Cancer

You have no doubt heard about how beneficial eating seafood is to
your health. It contains those nutrients that are known to reduce the
risks of heart disease and fight other prevalent health disorders.
Now there is a highly potent extract called LYPRINOL that clinical
tests have shown to be effective against inflammatory conditions such

What is Lyprinol?=20

Lyprinol is a unique, patented marine lipid complex rich in ETA's
(eicosatetraenoic acids or the "good stuff"), extracted from New
Zealand Green-Lipped Mussels. ETA's are special substances within the
well-known health supporting Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid group
(lipids). Independent clinical studies have show Lyprinol to generally be:

- Effective against all types of inflammatory conditions, including:
      osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other types of joint pains;
      stress injuries; bursitis and muscle discomfort; asthma
- Effective in killing human cancer cells in the lab
- 200 times more potent than Max EPA=99
- 250 times more potent than the original mussel extracts
- 350 times more potent than Evening Primrose Oil
- 250 times more potent than Salmon Oil
- 3900 times more potent than Flax Oil

Scientists who are aware of current state-of-the-art research, agree
that highly concentrated ETA's in Lyprinol have evolved as the most
potent Omega-3 lipids in blocking metabolic pathways responsible for
inflammation in the body.

Background and Other Information

The long time native Maori people of New Zealand have included the
New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel as a staple in their diet. This
unique mussel is known scientifically as perna canaliculus. For
centuries it has provided the Maoris with an excellent source of
protein, vitamins, minerals, and the extremely valuable Omega-3 fatty
acids or ETA's.

With shell-opening knives in their belts, Maoris can be seen at
Auckland seafood shops before dawn buying their mussels before going
to work. Coincidentally, statistics show that the reported incidence
of inflammation associated with arthritic and rheumatic disorders is
extremely low in the coastal-dwelling Maoris, who obtain the major
part of their diet from the sea.

Historically, freeze-dried concentrated mussel tissue was used
originally as a natural food supplement for the prevention of pain
normally associated with older individuals experiencing joint and
muscle discomfort. After more than 30 years of research by Australian
and New Zealand scientists working with doctors in Europe, the active
principles (phytonutrients and ETA's) of these New Zealand
Green-Lipped Mussels have been isolated.

Recently, Australian researchers have also discovered that the
extract Lyprinol kills human cancer cells in the laboratory. Its
action against cancer was "stumbled" upon by an Australian scientist,
Dr. Henry Betts, from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide. He has
shown that Lyprinol is a potent inhibitor of two cell pathways that
cause inflammation in humans and animals. After reviewing medical
research papers on cancer, Dr. Betts found more than 600 references
indicating that the same cell pathways were also involved in cancer.


Lyprinol is truly a "miracle from the sea" and a quantum leap in
human health! Anyone who suffers from inflammations, or just wants to
increase their intake of the beneficial omega-3's and improve their
health, should supplement their diet with this amazing substance.
Lyprinol has been thoroughly tested and proven safe, effective,
non-toxic, and without negative side-effects on the stomach.


Further reading:

"The Cure For Cancer?" a research article of the New Zealand Herald,
dated 7/31/99 -=20
Summary: Australian researchers have discovered that Lyprinol kills
cancer cells in the laboratory.

Lyprinol possesses many healthful properties that make it a truly
unique and powerful nutritional supplement. To learn more about
Lyprinol and one of only two products in the world that contains it
(called LYPRINEX=99 from Life Plus), please visit the following web
page: http://www.aomega.com/ahs/l1116a.htm - there you will also find
links to even more details, the other products we offer on our web
site, and ordering information / instructions.=20
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