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Green Tea for Weight Loss? ~ [Issue 1299-1]  Wellness Weekly
 Dec 07, 1999 09:27 PST 

In a recent U.S. News and World Report article, Marissa Melton
reports that Green tea - which has been shown to help prevent cancer,
heart disease, and stroke - could also help you burn calories faster!

Researchers at the University of Geneva gave 10 healthy young men 150
mg of caffeinated green tea extract (or about five servings of tea)
per day and found that the men burned calories four percent faster
than before. The researchers reasoned there was a reaction between
the caffeine (which speeds up metabolism) and a tannin in the tea
known as EGCg. Additionally, the green tea did not seem to speed up
the heart rate, as some over-the-counter diet drugs do, making it a
potentially safer option for people with heart problems. Scientists
say a follow-up study is needed, using a larger sample size and
including women. Some experts still recommend tried-and-true brewed
tea over tablet form supplements.

But you still cannot eat all you want. When your metabolism speeds
up, you crave more food; to lose weight, your food intake must stay
the same. Green tea can now be purchased in just about any retail
establishment that sells food or health products and there are no
known negative side-effects from its use.

For additional information regarding Green Tea's cancer fighting
effects, please see our previous Wellness Weekly issue 1199-5.
Science has proven that TEA is one of the top
ten foods that can make you healthier and help you live longer - see
http://www.aomega.com/ahs/nl070899.htm for more information.
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