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Weight Resolutions ~ [Issue 0106-1]  Wellness Weekly
 Jan 03, 2006 09:36 PST 


If you want to keep that weight-wise New Year's resolution, try such
tricks as filling up on salad before going out or eating slowly,
Michigan experts advise. Central Michigan University Associate
Professor Roschelle Heuberger, a registered dietitian, also
recommends: fill up on veggies without dip prior to drinking alcohol,
put food on a plate, leave the buffet and eat only what you took;
drink seltzer water instead of alcohol; eat three small meals and one
snack a day to avoid binge eating at night; fill up on low-calorie,
high-fiber fare such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains;
if you cannot resist rich desserts, take only a small piece and avoid
seconds; purchase only minimal quantities of high-fat, energy-dense
foods; and exercise, such as taking brisk walk every evening after


Eating expert Bill Curry has seven tips on how to lose big in 2006,
including eating only when hungry and in moderate portions. Other
tips include: eat slowly and savor your food, taking at least 30
seconds for each bite; periodically pause and monitor your level of
hunger; stop eating when no longer feeling hunger and stow any
remaining food in the refrigerator; do not eat until full but do not
deny yourself food; check in on your hunger pangs 15 minutes after
your meal. Curry, a Walpole, New Hampshire, inventor, holds two
United States patents on the Powerseed, a tiny electronic eating
coach that reminds you to eat slowly, avoid thoughtless snacking, and
stop eating when no longer hungry.
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