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RE: how much is TOO much?  Roger Stover
 Oct 23, 2004 17:42 PDT 

Heather Mills wrote:
 I am a nursing student with four children and a wonderful husband. I am
currently looking for employment. My husband can pay the basic bills,
but I have a daughter in ballet, one who wants to do cheerleading, one
who wants gymnastics, 2 in girl scouts and private school. Everything
seems to be building up, and I feel as if I'm going to burst sometimes.
I promised my girls if they kept good grades they could participate in
extracurricular activities, and I feel that this is important to their
social well being. I quit working 3 years ago to attend college. With my
clinicals taking up my daytime schedule, I will need to work second
shift. My concern is that I will not have enough time to spend with my
family. I keep saying to myself as soon as I graduate things will be
easier, but honestly I don't know if this is the case. With nursing
shortages am I going to have to work long hours. Being fresh out of
school will I have to take the shift that no one else wants? It's not
fair to tell
my girls that their activities will have to wait another year or so
until I'm finished with school. My 7 year has been in ballet since she
was 4 I hate to have to stop that, these things are important to them.
Sometimes I just feel that there is not enough time for everything. I
will not give up my education, I've worked entirely too hard.Any
suggestions to help from wanting to pull my hair out?

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I totally understand. I am attending college for the first time, and
boy what a reality check this has been. Work, family, and everything
that goes along with my school is really getting too me. I have two
twin boys that are 10, going on 11 and what a hand full. I wish I had
something worth while to offer to you when you say "how much is Too
much", but I don't even know myself. I am still trying to figure out
how to do everything I have to do and have some time left over. I am
behind in all my school work, and it seems that no matter how hard I
try, I just can't seem to get caught up, and stay that way. I plan to
get my boys into some type of activities after school as I know they
need something to keep them out of trouble, but I also know it means
more for me to do. My wife helps as much as possible, and believe you
me I appreciate every bit I can get, but fact is, school at this point
in life just simply not easy. The best part is in knowing what the
reward will be in the end. You said you were worried about your work
load once you have graduated, and how it will affect your family, well
just think how your family would be affected if you weren't able to
finish school. Everyone has to make sacrafices, not just you. Think
about the fact that you are teaching your children how important it is
too fulfill your dreams. What you do teaches them lessons for their own
future. So don't be so hard on yourself. I think you have a very full
plate, and I think I do too, but I also think things will work out in
the end. I hope I have given you some insight, or at least some hope.
Take care now, and I will stay in touch too see how things are going.


Roger Stover
This is my personal e-mail, but I see that in this program they are
using the topica address, and I am not sure what that would be, so I
hope you do, as I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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