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Re: New York City all-urban century  Mike Daren
 Sep 21, 2011 13:55 PDT 
There was a Moonlight Bike Ride, for all types of bikes, in DC
for a number of years, which was stopped for a while when it got
too big, but restarted a few years ago I think. The last one was
May 11 2011, and was supported by Mount Airy Bikes/College Park
Bikes, I hope/assume there will be another next May, although I
haven't seen any annoucements about it.
[1]A Meetup event description for May 2011 "DC Moonlight Memorial
Monument Ride"

(WABA also had a [2]Moon Light Ride last September, I don't know
if that's an annual thing)

On Wednesday, September 21, 2011 3:03 PM, "Terry Dankel"
<teda-@verizon.net> wrote:

Wasn't there once upon a time the "Moonlight" Ride? It may
have included
more than bents. There did used to be a big WHIRL ride,
photos showed on
old Website.
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From: Kathy [3]Bilton <kat-@fred.net>
To: Bill [4]Cook <william-@cox.net>
Cc: whi-@topica.com, Mattbh-@yahoo.com,
Sent: Wed, Sep 21, 2011 17:11:20 GMT+00:00
Subject: Re: [WHIRL] New York City all-urban century
Thanks for that super report, Bill. Sounds like a really fun
one to do,
if quite hard.
Regarding the question posed by Steven Hess the other day, I
don't recall
there ever having been an annual ride such as that described.
There was
very well attended ride that went over to D.C. and back from a
park along
the parkway out towards Mount Vernon, (May 16, 1998?) and
there may have
been one other similar ride that I didn't participate in, even
another. But I don't think there was ever an annual ride.
(The date above comes from a WHIRL Big Ride t-shirt I have.)
And, T'ai, if you're reading this, that was a very interesting
talk the
other night at NCTC. Thanks!
--Kathy - who just spent three hours at the Washington
Monument looking
hawks. (How many seen? None.) This is the first Washington
Monument, in
Washington County, not the one you're likely thinking of.
Wed, 21 Sep 2011, at 10:19, Bill Cook said:

My son Nick, who lives in Brooklyn, and I rode the
Transportation >

Alternatives' New York Century Tour on Sunday. Billed as the
only >
all-urban century, it was the hardest, and the best, 100-mile
ride ever.

our route below as recorded by Nick's phone. We saw a New York
that is far
more diverse than I imagined, and I've spent a lot of time
there. For

example, > we pedaled through miles of detached houses, with
neat lawns
garages, just > like the suburbs in many American cities. Who
knew? We
through dense > forests, along paths in big parks, crossed
(first climbing a > couple flights of stairs carrying our
bikes to reach
bridge walkways), cut > between rows of cars in crowded
Manhattan, and
zipped along the bikeway that > frames one side of downtown
New York. The
ride was hard because many streets > were rough, the route was
not always well marked, at 75 I'm no > longer young, and, yes,
there are
hills in New York. I was riding my Oregon > Titanium low
racer, and once
when I hit an especially big bump, my computer > flew off my
bounced off my bell, and, to my astonishment, I caught > it
before it hit
the ground. I have no idea how many riders were entered, but >
I was
and I signed up a month before the ride. I saw only one other
an elderly Rocket. Its owner, a woman, was talking about a
problem > with
mechanic. I volunteered to help, saying I'd built recumbents.
She >
at me and exclaimed, "you're Bill Cook." Turns out she'd
purchased a >
Barcroft Dakota from me ten years ago. I'd always dealt with
her by email

phone. She would have ridden her Dakota, she said, but it was
too big to

go on > the subway. [6]http://nyccentury.org/

William J. Cook
Falls Church, VA 22044
USA > WHIRL Webpage: [7]http://www.recumbents.com/whirl - Ride
time, location

and much > more. Archives at:


WHIRL Webpage: [9]http://www.recumbents.com/whirl - Ride time,
location and
much more. Archives at:
WHIRL Webpage: [11]http://www.recumbents.com/whirl - Ride
time, location and
much more. Archives at:


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2. http://www.waba.org/events/nightride.php
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5. mailto:ca-@cenarchitects.com
6. http://nyccentury.org/
7. http://www.recumbents.com/whirl
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16. http://www.topica.com/?p=TEXFOOTER
Mike Daren
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