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Fruit Duck Breast With Venison  Gary Phelps
 Feb 15, 2000 13:09 PST 
MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.06

      Title: Fruit Duck Breast With Venison
Categories: Venison, Fowl, Duck, Wildgame
      Yield: 8 Servings

      2 lb Round steak (Elk or Deer)
      5 ea Half Breasts of Duck, Boned
    1/4 c Mushroom Caps
      1 tb Vegetable Oil
    1/4 c Orange Juice
      2 tb Grated Orange Peel
    1/2 c Can Peaches, Pureed
    1/2 c Can Pineapple, Pureed
    1/3 c Whipping Cream
      1 ts Bacon Drippings
      2 tb Butter
    1/2 ts Chopped Fresh Garlic
      1 ts Tomato Paste
      1 c Chicken Broth
      1 tb Clover Honey

About the only wild game I have tried and did not like is DUCK. That
is, until I came across a recipe a couple of years ago and modified
it to my taste. I think you will agree this is the easiest "good
tasting" duck recipe you will come across.

In a large cast iron skillet, heat oil, add 1 tablespoon butter and
bacon drippings. When the oil is hot, add mushrooms and sauté for
about two minutes. Remove and set aside. Add garlic, brown duck
breasts on both sides, remove and set aside. Add remaining butter and
reduce heat to simmer. When the butter is melted add orange rind,
tomato paste, chicken broth, orange juice, and honey. Stir over
moderate heat until mixture comes to a boil. Add pineapple and peach,
bring back to a boil. Place breasts in a large pot and coat with
sauce.Cook over low heat about 20 minutes. Arrange breasts on
heat-proof serving platter. Whisk whipped cream into sauce and add
mushrooms. Spoon sauce over breasts and place in the broiler. Brown
lightly and serve.

Source: http://www.topica.com/lists/wildgame

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