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Question answered  Gary Phelps
 Feb 19, 2000 11:35 PST 

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend.

Please bear with me, kind folks, while I get this message out of
the way. Sending as individual message so it won't interfere
with or take away from the normal message traffic.


Q. How can I go about receiving EZines by email and not be
    flooded with so many at once and filling my mail box up?

A. There are various methods. I can only elaborate on what
    I've experienced and my developed method of locating
    specific topics that interest me and managing them. Which

    I go to my favorite EZine (newsletter) subscription service
and browse to see what they have in various categories then scan
through the various lists till I find those of my interest and
click on the subscription box for each desired list. Keep in
mind that the EZines are free!

    I normally pick approximately four or five per screening
session. The next few days I carefully evaluate each of the new
ones, at least five days worth of publications, to really get a
good 'feel' for each, at which point I decide which to keep and
which to unsubscribe from. Unsubscribing from a list is easy to
do, especially since list owners post their unsubscribe
information at the end of each newsletter (EZine).

    Happy 'hunting' .....

    To head off future questions: This is the 'subscription
service' I utilize ... and it is FREE, Bubba's and Bubbette's.


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