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ROASTED PIG  stewburner
 Aug 27, 2008 11:27 PDT 

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Recipe Name: ROASTED PIG

Cuisine: Pork
Category: Pork
Preparation: boil
Servings: 6

1 lb Butter, 5 tablespoons Dried sage, 2 to 3 tablespoons crumbled

Since the olden days of Almanzo's youth ovens have gotten smaller and pigs,
on average, have gotten larger. This means you are not likely to find a pig
you can stretch out straight and roast slowly overnight. A commercially
raised suckling pig, 12 to 25 pounds, must be doubled over to fit an 18-inch
oven and turned during roasting, so you can't sleep while it cooks or
display it in the traditional pose, prone on a platter with an apple in its
mouth. it is still worth doing. Pork should always be well done. This is
easy to do with the fast- cooking well-lubricated flesh of a young porker.
At moderate temperature, 350*F, an 18-pound suckling pig, stuffed, will be
done in four hours. It will feed up to fourteen people. Handling it in the
kitchen will take two pairs of hands. You will need: A dressed suckling
pig, 15 to 20 pounds, with haslets (see below) Stale light bread, 2 pounds
sliced (8 to 10 cups coarse crumbs) Yellow onions, Eggs, 2 Cider, 1 cup
Parsley, 1/2 cup chopped fresh Ground nutmeg and mace, generous pinches
White flour, 2 tablespoons unbleached all-purpose Cranberries, 1/2 cup whole
Small red apple Garnish: parsley, cress, celery leaves, or evergreen boughs
Dripping pan, 6-quart, or large roaster; saucepan, 1-quart; chopper and
bowl; skillet, 10-inch; bowl, 6-quart; bowl, 1-quart; skewers and lacing
thread; wooden block or empty tomato paste can; needle and heavy thread;
large platter or carving board Take with you to the butcher shop the
dripping pan or the largest roaster your oven will hold. Ask the butcher to
lace the snout and feet with string so the pig can be tied up to fit the
pan. The pig should have clean ears, be free of hair, and be accompanied by
haslets or organs - liver, heart, and lungs. Back home, rinse the pig
inside and out with cold water and pat dry. Keep it cold while preparing
broth and stuffing. To make gravy broth, simmer haslets in 2 cups of water
in saucepan. After about 20 minutes' cooking, the large, strongly flavored
liver can be removed and chopped fine to add to the stuffing. A little
later, set aside the heart and lungs as Christmas dinner for the cat. To
prepare stuffing, put dry bread crumbs or slices in a dishtowel and pound
them into fine crumbs with a mallet or rolling pin. Peel and chop onions
coarsely and fry in skillet until limp in 3 tablespoons of the butter.
Combine crumbs, onions, and sage in large bowl. In small bowl beat eggs and
stir in cider. Add chopped parsley, nutmeg, and mace, and blend into crumb
mixture. Stir in chopped liver if you wish. Preheat oven to 350*F. Spoon
the stuffing loosely into the pig's cavity and close the opening with
skewers and lacing. Draw the head and back feet together with the butcher's
string and tie it. Place the pig in the dripping pan or roaster, and rub
all skin surfaces generously with remaining butter. [You got 20 lbs of pig
and 2 tablespoons of butter ~ figure out "generously" for yourself. jm]
With a sharp knife slash the back skin in several places to permit fat to
escape. Use wood block or small can to prop mouth open during roasting. Add
1 cup of boiling water to pan and place pig and pan in preheated oven. After
an hour baste pig with pan juices. In another 30 minutes check for browning:
when top side is thoroughly browned, turn pig over (a two-person job) and
continue roasting. The pig is done when fully browned and when skin begins
to shrink and break. While the pig is roasting, chill the haslet broth and
remove fat from the surface. Blend flour into the broth. Using needle and
thread, string a cranberry necklace for decoration. At serving time remove
pig to large platter or board and cut away string. If suitable for display,
tie on cranberry necklace and place cranberries in eye sockets. Replace
mouth prop with apple. Garnish platter with greens. Skim pan of excess fat
and stir in floured broth. Heat and stir until gravy is thick and smooth.
Season to taste and transfer to gravy bowl. At the table, start carving by
cutting off the pig's head. Next run the knife down the spine and lay the
body open in two halves. [Just casually run the knife down the spine. No
worries, mate - as long as you have a wrist cast prepared beforehand.] From
this point the division of portions - shoulders, ribs, hams, etc. - becomes
evident. Source: http://www.SailorRandR.com/recipes/


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