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List Name Dot-Com Winners & Losers (DotCom W&L)
Purpose: The world of Internet startups is changing so rapidly, who can keep up? This newsletter will let you know who's winning (getting funding, going public) and who's losing (layoffs, going out of business). A few times each week, you'll find out about a Net startup that's in the Winner Circle and another that's in the Digital Doghouse. Great for the Net business watcher!

Sample Newsletter:

January 12, 2001

In the Winner Circle:

With all those Cassandras running around out there, decrying the slowing economy and bursting dot-com bubble, you'd think we'd never have any Winners to profile in our fine column. Well, the pickins may be slim, but every once in a while a Winner comes along to remind us that good companies with good products are surviving -- nay, growing -- in this economy, thank you very much. Take Ariba, which blew past analyst estimates in its recent quarterly earnings report: $14 million (5 cents per share vs. a predicted 2 cents) on revenues of $170 million. The B2B software seller has found riches in customers eager to slash costs and streamline contact with their clients. It ain't the sexy story Ariba et al were telling before the market correction, but at least they're moving boxes. And that's more than a few defunct dot-coms can say now (see below).

In the Digital Doghouse:

For upscale gift vendor Send.com, there will be no more Spend.com. The retail site ran out of money and shut down this week, roughly one year after blowing $20 million on a massive ad campaign and burning through millions more in funding. But rather than citing profligate spending and a narrow niche, founder Mike Lannon fingered "the ongoing uncertainty in the economic environment" and the "the negativity of the financial market" as the causes of Send.com's demise. With all the corporate carnage piling up on the Information Superhighway lately, it's a wonder this hawker of expensive wine, cigars, and other luxuries stayed in business as long as it did. At least it's not too late to send in the clowns.
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