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Re: Which dogs make good gun dogs  Brent Smith
 Oct 03, 2002 05:04 PDT 

I personally am a Lab guy, but I hunt a lot of waterfowl and need a good
retriever. I have had some experience with pointers also, but never owned
one. The first thing to remember about either type of dog (flushing or
pointing) is that they are a lot of work. Much of your time (and your
money) will have to go to your dog, or you'll end up with just a house dog.
Given that you are from Ontario, I assume that you will be hunting grouse
mostly, and occasionally some pen-raised pheasants. Ask around locally at
what type of dog (pointer or flusher) the local hunters prefer, and go from
there. In some locations, grouse and pheasants just won't hold for a
pointing dog, and they end up flushing more birds then they point. Pointer
enthusiasts may argue that fact with me, but its my opinion. If you decide
on a flusher, the best I've ever hunted with are Labs and springer spaniels.
Beware of the springers, though, they are very high maintenance in that
they have very long hair, and are EXTREMELY energetic. Labs are generally
more low keyed and easier to train. As for pointers, I've worked with some
great GSPs for quail, but the ones I've hunted with have trouble with
grouse. Ruffed and Sharptails tend to be pretty cagey birds, and tough on
pointers. By far, the best pointing grouse dog I've ever hunted with was an
English Setter. This dog was amazing to watch work the cover. Very slow
and deliberate, and her nose never missed a thing. The area we were
hunting, you would flush 10 grouse for every one you would point, but this
dog only spooked 1 bird all day, and we ended up with easy limits. I hunted
with the same dog several times, with the same results. She had my vote.

This is my opinion, nothing more, but I hope it helps.


 From: Jason Hoy <jah-@flemingc.on.ca>
Reply-To: working.r-@topica.com
To: working.r-@topica.com
Subject: Which dogs make good gun dogs
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 23:12:27 +0000


       I have been thinking about buying a gun dog but I do not know
which breed is suitable to my needs. I was thinking about buys a GSP. I
what the dog to hunt pheasants, and Grouse. Hope someone can give me
some info on some breeds.

Jason Hoy

Avid hunter from Ontario, Canada

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