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Re: Peace Tax Fund  New To Computers
 Apr 25, 2005 16:28 PDT 

Comments to NWTRCC

Regrettably, it does not work out for me to go to
Nashville in two weeks. I would have been able to
stay with friends for free and such, and coming out of
NYC to I-81, Ruth would swing by a few blocks from my
(tax professor) office at the U. of Scranton.

I am a member of Philladelphia Yearly Meeting, as such
asked to attend NWTRCC representing our group. I
might also still be a member of Auston Conscientious
Objectors to Military Taxation (ACOMT), another NWTRCC

We were asked for Comments to NWTRCC.

My comments follow:

Our common cause is to resist the payment of war taxes
and to encourage others to similarly resist the
payment of war taxes.

War Tax Resisters are a relatively small and
diversified lot.

Our political influence is diminished by any lack of
focus or unity.

Politically, there is one identifiable, proposed
legislation that can further our common cause.

Notwithstanding criticisms of the proposed Peace Tax
Fund legislation, it is a proposed legislation that
will serve our common cause IF it gains enough support
to garner public comment in the news media (Meet the
Press, The McLaughlin Group, Washington Week &c).

Even if the Peace Tax Fund passes into law, its
publication of our common cause will prove a benefit
far outweighing any feared detriment.

If the Peace Tax Fund, failing to muster the
coordinated actions required for political recognition
from organized groups currently pledging support
(e.g., Quakers, Menonites, Brethren, Methodists,
Presbyterians, Lutherans &c.), and if the Peace Tax
Fund fails to muster any coordinated actions from
NWTRCC whose common cause is directly promoted, then
we must recognize that the Peace Tax Fund has failed.

If we are resigned to allow the Peace Tax Fund to
fail, then we must either admit that our common cause
has failed politically (failing to encourage others to
resistance politically as well as our own personal
resistances having no political meaning) OR we must
propose a legislation that we can unite behind with
such action as can hope to succeed where the Peace Tax
Fund has failed.

I ask NWTRCC to:
(1) tangibly and meaningfully commit itself to the
promotion of the Peace Tax Fund,
(2) propose an alternative legislation along with a
plan for promoting it, or
(3) confess that war tax resistance has no political
meaning whatsoever.

When I suggest commitment to the Peace Tax Fund, I
hope for an individual grass-roots effort of all
individual members to meet with their various
Congressional Representatives and share their
struggles of conscience as a reason for petitioning to
gain co-sponsorship of a Peace Tax Fund.

My opinion is that there is but one reason why the
Peace Tax Fund languishes in the House Ways and Means
Committee without a hearing and that reason is our
lack of demanding that this issue receive national

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