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Re: Peace Tax Fund  Moorlock-@bloglines.com
 Apr 25, 2005 21:45 PDT 

I urge NWTRCC to reject the "peace tax fund" idea and to strongly discourage
people from promoting it.

Far from being legislation that will help us
or further our goals, if it ever passes into law it will undermine the war
tax resistance movement and it will tempt resisters to return to funding war
under its phony moral cover.

It's clear that there are many war tax resisters
who believe that it is unethical for them to give the government money for
its wars and militarism but who would happily pay taxes to the same government
that spends just as much or more on the same awful projects if only there
was a ridiculous "Peace Tax Fund" shell game in place with which they could
pretend that /their/ money only went to good things.

We shouldn't be humoring
this sort of bad-faith reasoning. Our movement - /especially/ our movement
- should instead be pointing out how flawed it is!

You can't get off the
hook for the moral complications of taxpaying by passing some law of absolution
- just because some politicians have sprinkled pixie dust over /your/ tax
dollars and sanctified them as "peaceful-only" doesn't make it so.

If the
war tax resistance movement ever does become a powerful force for social change,
you can bet that the government will consider passing such a bill - not as
a concession to our movement but as a powerful strike against it. I hope
that we will be wiser by then and not assist in sabotaging ourselves.
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