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Re: An easier alternative to the Peace Tax Fund  Tom Hastings, 503.725.9173
 Apr 27, 2005 09:50 PDT 

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While the below post is quite snide, it does make a good point. I would
add, however, that just as being a CO during the Vietnam War didn't stop
it, and indeed sent someone in my place, it was that knowledge that made
me more, not less, of a resister to war, and indeed made my commitment
lifelong. That person who went instead of me still haunts me and, I
believe, challenged me to the point of committing two Plowshares actions
that landed me in jails and prisons.

The Peace Tax Fund would not achieve anything "real" until enough had
checked the box to actually make it impossible for Congress to fund the
Pentagon to the extent it wished. That is an interesting possiblility,
however, and would be a direct gauge of a war's popularity on a
year-to-year basis. A so-called just war would see just the true
pacifists--and we all know we are a very slender slice of the
citizenry--checking the Peace Tax Fund. A highly unpopular war might
actually produce millions of such reactions. Would that have an effect?

It is never enough just to know.

It is never enough just to register an opinion.

But to discount either activity is to presume a lot about those engaged
in it.
Tom Hastings

Moorlock-@bloglines.com wrote:

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Rather than wait for the enactment of a Peace Tax Fund bill, I would encourage
those of you who would feel comfortable paying their taxes if such a bill
passes to do so now, without waiting for Congress to pass this legislation.

Simply write on your check to the Treasury "this contribution is only to
be used for non-military purposes" and when you seal the envelope, close your
eyes and carefully visualize your money going from your bank account into
the budget of your favorite government agency - perhaps the Department of
Education or the Environmental Protection Agency.

Of course, writing this
phrase on your check or doing this visualization will not actually affect
how the government spends the money that gets sent to it, but neither would
the Peace Tax Fund bill.

This way you get to have the same amount of satisfaction
and alleviation of guilt without all of the trouble of lobbying your Congressional

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n:Hastings;Tom H.
org:Portland State University;Conflict Resolution
adr;dom:;;724 SW Harrison NH 221 ;Portland;OR;97201
title:Director, Peace & Nonviolence Studies track
note;quoted-printable:~~Whatever the conflict, the best answer is nonviolence~~=0D=0A=
latest book: Nonviolent Response to Terrorism=0D=0A=


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