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Strategy Conference unofficial report  Robert G. Randall II
 Oct 12, 2005 17:27 PDT 

The official minutes/report will come out later, but I'm
sure those of you who could not be there are wanting to hear
*something* about it went, so here's my take on it:

It was great! Although we did not obtain the broader
participation from all segments of the peace movement for
which we had hoped, there were a lot of us there (over 70
throughout the weekend), about 1/2 "old hats" and about 1/2
"new folk", by my guestimate. It was great seeing so many
old friends and getting to know new ones.

    Although the most important part of the weekend was the
nightly up-until-midnight jokefests in the "noisy room",
I'll defer reporting on that (except to say that I will
probably never again be able to hear the term "Freudian
slip" without bursting out laughing) and move on to the more
mundane but far-reaching stuff.

    We strategized! Several plans came out of that. Here
are some, with ways you can connect:

    A new Working Group was established to develop a WTR
Intro DVD, parts of which will also be put on our website
for download/streaming. Susan Quinlan (sus-@riseup.net)
is the convener, if you'd like to work on this project.

    Another working group was set up to work on the
survey/boycott proposal from the St. Louis Covenant
Community of WTR's. The original proposal is at
www.nwtrcc.org/oct05conf.htm (Proposal #2). While the exact
form of stages 2 & 3 will be developed later, we decided to
go ahead with the development and pilot testing of a survey
between now and the May NWTRCC meeting in Seattle. Bill
Ramsey (hr-@humanrightsaction.net) is the convener.
Contact him to join the folk at work on this.

   Both of the above working groups are to include young
people. In addition, we decided to establish a Young Adult
Review Panel to look at all of NWTRCC's literature and work
and make recommendations for improving our outreach to young
people. If you are under the age of 30 and would like to
serve on that panel, contact Ruth Benn at the national
office (nwt-@nwtrcc.org) or Lincoln Rice

   Some of the specific inwhich folk expressed interest, but
for which I do not have anyone designated as convener, are:
    new youth-oriented W-4 piece
    a cellphone wtr campaign
    making wtr links with counter-recruitment movement
     redirection of war taxes to youth/student
     wtr outreach to young people involved in intentional
community and nonviolent lifestyles

    Ruth has these name lists; contact her if you would like
to work on any of these.

    NWTRCC's objectives budget for 2006 were approved. A
new Peace Tax Form for 2006 (tax year 2005) is nearly
complete and will be available soon for your local
organizing. 3 people (1 full time and 2 alternates) will
need to be selected at the May meeting for the
Administrative Committee. Let Ruth know if you are

    Next NWTRCC meeting: May 5-7, 2006, in Seattle.

    That's mostly a summation of the results of the weekend,
as finalized by the Sunday afternoon Coordinating Committee.
If I got anything wrong, please post it here. And I hope
folk who were there will post other responses to the
weekend, including other parts of it. I have said nothing
about our fine entertainment, the wonderful food, the
presentations, discussions, small groups, party at Ruth &
Ed's, great accommodations, etc. etc.   So, y'all share!

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