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Hubert Hoffman, Mime Assassin (a word problem)  Moorlock-@bloglines.com
 Oct 03, 2006 22:26 PDT 

Hubert Hoffman is a hunter. By day he goes out with his shotgun to hunt for
game with which he feeds his family, and, when hunting's good, also provides
meat to the butcher shops of Blimville, Freedonia.

By night, though, he
visits the nearby town of Clemville and murders mimes. He just hates mimes;
some childhood trauma, I guess. Any shotgun shells he has left over at the
end of his day of hunting he puts to use in his mime hunt.

Ishmael Gradsdovic
makes a modest living reloading shotgun shells and selling them to the hunters
of Freedonia.

Hubert has a problem. One morning when he goes to Ishmael
for some of his daily set of shells, Ishmael refuses to sell him any, saying
that he feels for the poor mimes of Clemville and their grieving families.

So Hubert visits Freedonia's other ammo dealers, but isn't able to get
as many shells as he's used to hunting with, so at the end of the day he can't
do quite so much mime-killing as he'd like to do.

The next morning he goes
to Ishmael and makes him a deal: if Ishmael will mark his shells with a red
"X", Hubert will promise to use those shells only for hunting and not for
killing mimes. Ishmael agrees.

Will more or fewer mimes die as a result
of Ishmael's decision to sell non-mime-killing-only shells to Hubert? Please
show your work.
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