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report from SOAW event  Robert Randall
 Nov 20, 2006 20:30 PST 


Those of us who worked the SOAW weekend the past few days were blown away by
the response to our survey effort. We got in the neighborhood of 1000
surveys filled out! When added to the ones already in hand, we're now about
30% of the way towards our goal of 5000! And it's only a couple of weeks
after Las Vegas!

    This means the rest of you will have to work really hard to catch up
with the mighty Columbus crew. :-)

    I want to thank Daniel Woodham, Mary Regan, David Waters, Adele Kushner,
and Peg Morton for their hard work in Columbus. We were on it! Beth Lavoie
of the Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition helped us get surveys completed by
folk hanging out at their table. And of course we're grateful to Bill
Ramsey for putting together that wonderful survey kit with all the
clipboards and for going the extra mile in getting the kit to us. And to
Steve Wing for bringing it. And to Ruth Benn for getting the surveys
printed up so quickly. And to Joanne Sheehan for bringing down all the
NWTRCC literature. And to anyone I'm missing in this list of wonderful

    I think it was one of the most exciting presences we've had at SOAW.
Asking people to fill out the survey gave us much more interaction with folk
than the leafletting which we've done in past years. (Our message did get
out to everyone even more than if we had leafletted, though, as Ruth put an
ad in the SOAW printed program, which was handed out to all of the 20,000
people who came; we even found it available in the lobbies of the motels in
town.) People asked questions, got a little on-the-spot mini-counseling,
were given the materials they needed (most often the new flyer on W-4
resistance, which we used up and had to re-copy), and sometimes went away
with local folk to contact from our network list.

    About 50 people signed up for introductory packets, and we got 16 names
on the "Don't Pay for War in Iraq!" call to tax reisitance. Our lit sales
matched the best we've done in the past.

    The survey kit created by Bill was very helpful. I'd like to send this
on to some one of you who is ready to use it at an upcoming event. We know
we'll use it in DC on Jan 27th, but you may be attending some large event
before that, and if so, this kit can help you get surveys filled out. It
has a multi-panel sign encouraging people to fill out the surveys and
plastic trays to place in front of the proper panels, so that it can be left
to stand alone on a table for people to self-service their survey-taking.
Better, though, is using the provided clipboards to get out into the crowds
and solicit people to fill them out. We found that almost everyone will do
so. It's really easy!

    So, if you are going to be at a big event soon, call me (912-262-1274)
or e-mail me back and I'll mail the kit to you. It has everything except
the survey forms themselves (well, there are a few of them on some of the
clipboards, so you can use those and print more if needed), which can be
obtained from the NWTRCC office or you can download them from
Keeping them color-coded helps, but is not necessary.

                        With Thanksgiving,

P.S.: Sorry, Ruth, but I forgot to take my camera and did not get any
pictures for MTAP. If anyone reading this did take any, you know Ruth would
like them.

    NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security
Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice.
They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You
have no recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment of the
President and Vice President.

"Please stand by...our democracy is experiencing technical difficulties."
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